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  1. Proxima

    Looking for 2 link stones and a dubious disk,please

    What do you mean heracross and pinsir do not spawn? Have you lathered honey on the trees, waited a bit, and walked (I usually walk to the centre where the scientist was and back)? If it doesnt work, post it in the troubleshooting forum...
  2. Proxima

    Rate my team

    Nah, I got all the starters. I'll give ya the gible in a few hours... Just msg me when you're online.
  3. Proxima

    Rate my team

    Now I feel bad... Do you want the shiny gible or a shiny dratini? I bred the one N1dude gave me coz 3 speed IVs is too slow for my liking...
  4. Proxima

    Anyone wanna battle?

    So I finished ep 18 and was wondering how good my team would be against a general team, anyone wanna battle? The random matching thing never works because no one ever does it... Online name is Proxima
  5. Proxima

    In desperate need of a Swablu with Perish Song

    I see you've met the garchomp. Three things: 1. This is not the forum to post for trades... Post on Online Play for that, On The Hunt is supposed to be for things one can find in their own game like side quests and stuff. 2. You don't need to beat that garchomp for the story to progress. You don't white out, the cutscene progresses regardless of what you do. The most difference you'll make is 2 lines of dialogue. 3. I can trade you a swablu, don't need any shiny just gimme a rattata or smth. Online name is Proxima.
  6. Proxima

    Rate my team

    Thanks a lot dude! Enjoy the fish I guess XD
  7. Proxima

    Rate my team

    Nah lol it's a remoraid I've got 3 shiny remoraids, even though I never bred one
  8. Proxima

    Rate my team

    Alright, I'm on now. You can have a shiny fish that knows hydro pump and hyper beam for some reason, and also has moody lmao.
  9. Proxima

    Rate my team

    Oh yeah then, you assumed right lol. Shinies are great, I don't mind the speed drop since dragonite isn't exactly the speediest of bois. Might hinder with sweeping with dd but oh well. Thanks dude! When are you available to trade? My online name is Proxima
  10. Proxima

    Looking for a squirtle or deino

    I can give you a squirtle, it won't be bred for IVs tho... If you have a dratini lying around, I'll take it. If not, I'll give you the squirtle anyway
  11. Proxima

    Rate my team

    I don't wanna take a shiny off of you, if you're up for it I'll take the 2 defence one... When you say 5 IV, is that 5 perfect IVs? (i.e. 31) I'm new as I said in the OP so I don't know that much. If it is 5 perfect IVs that sounds really good, I appreciate it!
  12. Proxima

    LF Dratini

    Sure, it says you live in Ontario so it's a 10 hours time difference.... Just reply when you're available.
  13. Proxima

    Rate my team

    Yeah that sounds like a solid moveset, I may give him leftovers, or a muscle band or something just to make him hit harder... Another thing, do you happen to have a spare dratini? I skipped Simon's quest so I don't have a super rod, meaning I can't get dratini. Would really help me out. I can offer shinies (gible torchic and tepig are the main ones) if you want.
  14. Proxima

    LF Dratini

    @Starry Knight When will you be available to trade? It's gonna be night where I live soon, so I'll have to do the trade tomorrow...
  15. Proxima

    LF Dratini

    I'm not really one who goes for the whole gotta catch em all thing... I needed charmander for the egg sidequest in the grand hall, but I got one from a trade. The reason I want a good dratini is for my main team. I would appreciate it if you could spot me one . I will be on for an hour and then in 4 hours (GMT 1700)