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  1. Now I've know the name origin for the Code name for Rift Aelita. Speaking of name origins, I wonder if anyone can explain the name origins for the other Code names for Rifts. Like why is Rift Volcanion had Code: Statia?
  2. Actually... There's already a Cryogonal Crest in the game files. We can't obtain it yet and it might be removed if finalized. The effect's too subpar, though. "It helps Cryogonal use its Special Attack when using a physical move." It barely has physical moves to abuse.
  3. This will be the last update: Thanks to someone offering a way to peak through the Scripts data, I can finally check on the rest of the remaining Silvally abilities provided by the crest. All I need to do is check on the Script command: SilvallyCheck (something, (type)) next to the ability effect. And now to finally confirm the last remaining types...
  4. Here's my WMGs for new crests: Golisopod: Its Emergency Exit causes its Speed to double instead of switching out. But the effect goes away when Golisopod is over 50% HP. Delibird: It increases its attack by 1.5 and gives it the No Guard innate ability. Masquerain: Gives it an additional Water type along with its normal Bug/Flying type. Luvdisc: Sp. Attacks used by it uses its speed stat instead. Butterfree: Increases Speed and Sp. Attack by 1.5 (To help it compete with Mega Beedrill) Heatmor: Increases Speed by 1.5 and gives it innates Tough Claws. Serperior: 30 points of Sp. Attack gets donated to Attack. For Physical Serperior. Encouraging Swords Dance and Coil sets though Smogoners will still stick with Contrary Serperior as it will never drop from OU. It gets Leaf Blade, Aqua Tail, Knock Off and Outrage (also, Iron Tail for Coil sets) so not all is lost. Emboar: Gives it Rock Head and Defense increase by 1.3x Samurott: Makes it immune to Electric and raise Attack if hit by one. Garbodor: Gives Corrosion and Sp. Attack scales with attack. Delcatty: Gives it Scrappy and Increase Offenses by 1.3x Noctowl: Increases Accuracy and Speed by 50% Parasect: Powder moves have +1 priority. And if Postgame Legendaries are allowed to have Crests, here's my take (for lackluster ones of course). Regigigas: Slow Start lasts one turn instead of 5 each time. Guzzlord: Starts with three stacks of Stockpile like Rift Hippo's ability. Articuno: Raises Sp. Attack by 1.2x and make it Hail when entering. Moltres: Raise Accuracy by 1.3 and Flying Attacks have a small chance of burn Zapdos (It's already OU material and still has no way to deal with rock types better but it's part of a trio so here's my attempt for a new playstyle) Sp. Attack and Attack Swaps and First move it uses always crits. Wild Charge and Drill Peck exist so it sorta works.
  5. I don't think so... Discovered this randomly while I'm was testing Silvally's future potential. BTW the other Dewpider in Forlorned Cave as overworld encounters have these moves too.
  6. Umm... Apparently, the Dewpider encounter in Forlorned Cave thinks it's a Vulpix?
  7. Indeed. I tested that Normal Silvally gets Scrappy from the crest. Normal Multi-Attacks hits Ghosts without getting counter by immunity. (Still wouldn't recommend it PU as it may be still outclassed by Kangaskhan.
  8. Tested on a wild Will-o-Wisper and yep. I got the message: "Sillvally is protected by Flower Veil!" Confirming Grass Silvally gets Flower Veil. (Odd because no Grass type get Flower Veil. (RIP Comfey and Florges.)
  9. I did some testing... And for the calcs: The Silvally used for testing has 31 IV HP with 124 EVS, 25 IV Attack with 88 Evs and 7 IV SP. Defense and 38 EVS. (Of course this may be inconsist as it's not full on Evs yet. No Memory: Scrappy (Guess Breakneck Blitz hitting Ghosts is still a thing.) Electric: Motor Drive Dragon: Multiscale Fighting: Defiant Psychic: Magic Bounce Grass: Flower Veil Ghost: Mummy Poison: Regenerator (Hey, some recovery for Silvally!) Ground: Sheer Force (It's definite. I calculated the battle against a wild Machop with the exact IVs after a Crunch theoretically boosted by it and it;s the exact damage it predicted. Burned a bunch of Crush Claws and no defense drops. Also temporarily hacked in an illegal move that have a 100% of it's secondary chance activating and it didn't activate. Basically Nidoking for PU. Rock: may be the one getting Tough Claws (or possibly Adaptability, but most likely not). That's just me because I calculated the battle between a burnt Silvally and a wild Camerupt with the exact IVs and EVs and Nature and the damage isn't accurate to calculated amount to the Camerupt. Edit: So apparently I'm a dumbass and forgot to change Multi-Attack's type to Rock, I lost the damage proof but I know for sure the camerupt I calculated is indeed on Red after landing a Multi-Attack on it (Stone Plate-boosted Multi-Attack in place of the crest). So Tough Claws or Adaptability might be a safe bet. Unless I missed some. Edit: It'll remain a mystery until we can legally obtain it. None of the damage calcs I did on the possible abilities, (Tough Claws, Adaptability or even Sand Force seem to be the correct answer... Ice: Thick Fat: Calcs +2 0 SpA Turtonator(22 Sp. Att IV) Flamethrower vs. 124 HP / 38 SpD Thick Fat Silvally-Ice on a critical hit: 134-162 (61.7 - 74.6%) -- guaranteed 2HKO without it, it would a OHKO. 0 SpA Snover (26 Sp. Att IV) Blizzard vs. 124 HP / 38 SpD Thick Fat Silvally-Ice: 10-12 (4.6 - 5.5%) -- possibly the worst move ever Went from 169 to 158 (Maybe not really that great) Bug: Tinted Lens (TBH I forgot this ability existed because I didn't find it that useful when most pokes did heavy blows already.) 13 SpA Tinted Lens Silvally-Bug Surf vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Skiddo (25 HP IV and 29 SpDef IV): 70-82 (47.2 - 55.4%) -- 79.3% chance to 2HKO Half on its HP went down after using Surf. 13 SpA Tinted Lens Silvally-Bug Surf vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Sawsbuck (25 HP IV and 25 SpDef IV): 56-66 (33.7 - 39.7%) -- guaranteed 3HKO About 1/3 of HP lost when I used Surf on it. 89 Atk Tinted Lens Silvally-Bug Multi-Attack vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Mothim (28 HP IV and 25 HP IV): 142-168 (75.1 - 88.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO 162 lost on it. I don't think I'm able to determine Water (It's not anything that makes it immune to Water, Grass or Electric nor is it anything that helps it in rain (No Swift Swim, Hydration, or Rain Dish) or even helps stops burns, (Not Water Veil or Bubble), or Flying (Wish it was Gale Wings.). I checked every other poke's of that types abilities and eliminated the ones that wouldn't fix Silvally and it's none of them. I guess they're aren't implemented yet. Sorry...)
  10. "Dufaux health brought down from 1000 to 500. :c" No wonder my attacks seems to do nothing vs her. (Thank you Scolipede with Toxic. You saved my Intense Bug Life from getting wiped.)
  11. I'm thinking... it swaps both offenses and defenses? I fail to see how this can be an improvement for Infernape. Maybe it's meant a bulky support set? Like I'm thinking: Stealth Rock, Slack Off, Will-O-Wisp and I guess throw in a STAB move or U-Turn. I might make analyses for each crest and potential sets in the future.
  12. I finally got the Goomink quest to activate! So apparently, alongside finishing the ranch quest...
  13. I recently got the Goomink quest to work in my game! Apparently, beating Aya at the gym actually triggered it! Thanks for the help! (Even though I felt that's a lot of work just to trigger it.) Though, I think Spector's still bugged in my game still couldn't find him...
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