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  1. Burningchill


    Game_2 - 65 - Burningchill - 16h 16m - 4 badges.rar
  2. Burningchill

    Favourite Starter In Each Gen?

    Gen I:Charizard Gen II:Typhlosion Gen III:Sceptile Gen IV:Infernape Gen V:Serperior Gen VI:Greninja Gen VII:Decidueye
  3. Burningchill

    Pokemon you wish did not evolve

    These are the pokemon i wish did not evolve design wise not stat wise: Let me know which pokemon you don't want to evolve.
  4. Burningchill

    pokemon you hate for personal reasons

    Shuckle for being unkillable on showdown with rest, toxic, infestation and another move i can't remember but it raised defense.
  5. Burningchill

    Do you have a signature Pokemon ?

    For me it would be this pokemon
  6. Burningchill

    Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

  7. Burningchill

    Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

    Hi Wolfox, where did you get that trainer card?
  8. Burningchill

    Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

    Here is my top 10 Favorite Pokemon. I have excluded starters for a different topic in the future.Please share your favorite pokemon as well: Number 10: Arcanine Cool pokemon and it also reminds me of my red-haired husky, Number 9: Farfetch'd It's the pokemon version of Daffy Duck, Number 8:Quagsire He took hyper beams from Lances Dragonites like a champ and retaliated with ice punch in my pokemon crystal playtrhough, Number 7:Scyther I prefer Scyther over Scizor in design, i wouldn't give up on his blades, Number 6:Gyarados Do I need to explain why i love this giant serpent?I love badass pokemon Number 5:Gallade I prefer physical atackers and here we have psychic/fighter type pokemon that is entirely awesome, Number 4:Gliscor I never played pokemon platinum without this beast, Number 3:Electivire A physical electric type with a beastly design, yes please, Number 2:Garchomp This perhaps the best dragon in the series, even surpassing his own mega-evolution, Number 1:Lucario Great figthing type with an awesome design and enough power to scare any adversary. Thank you for viewing my post.