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  1. No. No, no, no. He would not. He could not. Let this happen again. Ferdiad's fingers tighten around his lance, knuckles white. And, to his relief in retrospect, the terror of minutes ago dwindles away to mere background noise, replaced slowly by a cool, furious resolve, like a lake glazing over with ice as winter descends. Once was enough. Not again, not Queen Stella. Not while he draws breath. L4.
  2. Johanna to P14. Verden to P16, Heal Michi. Cheat Sheet:
  3. Fallon does 19 damage to Antoinette! Naomi does 16 damage to Antoinette! ''Ey! What's going on!" As Antoinette finally breaks down to the magical onslaught, pieces of the enormous ballista splintering off and crashing to the ground in chunks of rose-painted iron, steam begins to rise from its core. The scholar manning it frantically fiddles with the lever, but to no avail; it simply snaps off in his hand as well. "Oh- Oh god..." As another section of the giant rose snaps off and crashes to the floor, prompting the scholar to take a bewildered step back, the new opened space reveals a section of the wall that had been concealed behind the ballista, and the perpetrators hiding. "I-Intruders!" Trying to gather his wits, the scholar readies his magic, calling out to those behind him. "How did they get here??" Antoinette is destroyed! Cheat Sheet:
  4. "Oh my god..." Reading the note, she couldn't help but be just a little disheartened ( mostly offended, but still just a little disheartened ) by the townspeople's disdain of them - were they just xenophobic, or was there something else at play here? - at least until she got to the last part. "She seriously thinks I'm trying to get with Lancelot..." Resisting the urge to just burst into laughter, which would probably be ill-fitted for this current situation, she doubles over and snickers to herself for a few moments, prompting a confused head-toss from Iba. "I'm fine, I'm fine. It's just... hahaha... oh man, that's just too funny..." That girl'd seriously had some issues if even Juliett had put their exchange out of mind shortly after it'd happened.
  5. She can hear the bard on the other team shouting even from across the moat, and she has to admit he has a way with rhymes. So as not to be chastised by Nicolos again, she keeps it to herself this time, but a little smile appears on her face as she nods along with the rhythm. "I thought there was something around here..." J4.
  6. ah, @KitRougard you ought to have sent me your sheet, complete with appearance and backstory finished, privately first. i needed to okay it before you could post it here. that being said, your PF should probably be -2 AS instead. which means you have to change your promo PS because you can't have two skills that affect the same stat. additionally, skills typically work off entire weapon categories rather than specific subcats ( unless they're balanced by a similarly weak PF ), so your other two skills should probably just be 'anima tomes' and 'bows' respectively. also just make it a flat +2 RES and +2 DEF when facing those weapons. no need for 'until next turn'. and again, please send it to me over DM.
  7. "Mama!! Mama, mama, Kuya's pulling my tail again!!" "Hmm? Now, children, settle down. Your mother is working on something important. Will you take a seat beside me?" "Stop it!! Kuya, stop it!!" "My... look at those tears. We can't have that. Kuya, stop teasing your sister. It seems like I will have to resort to something a little more drastic. Would a story help you two behave, perhaps?" "Story! Yes, mama has the best stories!" "Ufufu... is that so? Mm... I have been thinking of one in particular of late... you may not be old enough to understand it just yet." "Tell us!! Tell us!!" "How can I refuse such a request? Under my tails you go, then. Well, where to begin... Once upon a time? Yes, once upon a time, there was a young man who lived in the forest..." ------ hello again everyone, and welcome to the ooc for fef: colors of autumn! your host is rai, who is a nutcase that couldn't stomach the thought of waiting years to run this game, so she's going to pilot two fefs at the same time. please be kind to me lmao. this is a bit uncharacteristic of me, especially in light of scarlet crown, but for narrative reasons, colors of autumn will purposely be quite bare on worldbuilding of physical setting. you'll notice that there's no map or description of the setting beyond basics. this is pretty deliberate, and focus on the world as a physical space will be fairly limited in this game. you are, of course, still always free to ask me for additional information as you feel you or your character might need, but just keep in mind that setting just isn't my focus for this story and so my answers might be sparse or, as you'll find is a running theme in this game, i'll simply ask you to be creative! without further ado: setting: onmyoji and the clans: youkai and shikigami: ten heavenly stems: you will be playing shikigami who are under the command of an onmyoji, who will be the 'lord' and main npc of the game. i will be taking ( for now ) a total of 9 players, 7 to start in prologue and a pair to be added afterwards. due to the nature of shikigami and the setup of the narrative, i will be providing a rough 'role' selection for you to choose from if you'd like to. 1-2 shikigami who have been with the onmyoji for a long time and were with him prior to his forest life 3-4 shikigami who joined him after he started living in the forest. these can be local spirits if you choose, but i'm also happy to work in backstories from anywhere as long as you can explain why they would've met / joined up with him 1 ( possibly ) who hasn't joined him yet but will at the start of the game these are not hard and fast, as in they're not roles i exactly need to fill to those precise numbers. i would like at least some of them to fall within those roles, but don't feel like you have to app to target a particular one or that if we already have two apps for the first role, then you can't do that too without being competition. i am flexible and much more interested in finding a way to incorporate overall compelling characters. mechanical stuff GM notes on character creation, please read!: the rest of this is very standard to anyone in reborn's other fefs. they're largely the customary changes. handbook 2.2: here general: skills: classes: new classes: submissions: submissions will last until 11:59 EST on wednesday, july 24th, with players being announced shortly thereafter. i anticipate the ic thread going up sometime the following day. please submit all sheets to me through reborn DM or discord with a backstory and appearance section. once accepted, you may post them here without the backstory included. we will be starting at trainee level. sample sheet:
  8. Naomi does 16 damage to Antoinette! Fallon move to P12 Rhian move to P15 Michi move to P17 Ceridwen move to P16 Johanna move to P19 and drop Kerr on P20 Verden move to P21 and Heal Kerr Argos move to P18, take the Focusing Drug from the convoy Kris move to T17, take his clothes Dulcibella Hold Kris investigates the bundle of fabric that had once clothed a body, as well as the walking stick engraved with a name. She would recognize that the walking stick was not simply a lifeless stock of wood, but rather what used to be a Soothe stave that had apparently long run out of power. It was old, perhaps decades old. [ ENEMY PHASE ] "Uhm... G-General Oppenheimer, s-sir?" The nervous soldier from earlier was back, this time almost visibly wringing his hands with the trepidation of what he was about to report. His apprehension was not unwarranted; the General, sitting on the throne with one leg crossed over the other, cheek resting against his hand with an imperious look on his face, didn't seem very pleased with the whole situation. "What was that? Are you a mouse? I'm going to need you to speak up, imbecile! Are you going to tell me those rats playing hero have been caught? Killed? Perhaps brutally?" "....... N.... No, sir. They... um, we can't find them, sir." "........" "They vanished, sir! They were in the north corridor and we were prepared to siege them through the upper halls, as you asked, but they never arrived! They're not biding their time, sir; even the one manning Antoinette can't locate them. Um... wh-what should we do... sir?" "........." "Sir?" Milich simply stares at him with increasing disgust for several moments, then finally takes a deep breath, a cruel light entering his eyes. "Close the door behind you, will you?" [ ALLY PHASE ] P23. Turn 20 Argos recovers 5 HP. Verden recovers 2 HP. Cheat Sheet:
  9. Lysander's words help bring him back to the moment, and he glances to the other man briefly in surprise. Is he so obvious? "... Yes, you're right." He forces himself to take a deep breath. It doesn't fully settle the bundle of tightness in his gut, but he pushes the image of Her Majesty to the front of his mind. An image of Castle Ceda, of his mother, of all the people of this country who would suffer should it fall to Gulans, and to those people down below. They matter more. They matter more than his fear. Q6, Slim Lance Monk B, Canto P5.
  10. "Aren all right for now, thanken you." She looks down at the leaf of flyers in her arms, much thinner than before ( and she hadn't even had to approach anyone for it! ), then back to Satomi, glad that it seemed like so many of the people in this company were friendly. Already she had found someone from her homeland, and this woman was so kind as well. "Need changen with the weather here... be not used to this heat, no snow. Was telling Kyou the same."
  11. Fallon moves to P17 Dulcie rescues Michi cantos to P22 Ceridwen moves to P21 take Michi from Dulci and drop him off in P20 Rhian moves to P19 Vuls Michi Argos moves to P23 Johanna moves to P24 Verden moves to P25 use antidote on Johanna Kris moves to R19 Kris receives Parrying Dagger! (Kris' inventory is full!) Naomi moves to P13 [ ENEMY PHASE ] Antoinette fires at Verden! Turn 19 Argos recovers 5 HP. Verden's condition returns to normal. Cheat Sheet:
  12. Kris receives Iron Longbow! "Humans are so colorful~ Most of the time, there's something to like about each of them, even the ones most other humans hate. But the General... to be honest, even I haven't found anything yet." The young man swishes his tail with an almost contemplative frown on his face. "Hati'd tell you about all the things he's done to the others. Like I was telling the old man, I haven't been here too long, so I only know most of it secondhand~" Overhearing Ceridwen's comment, Johanna glances back at her, knowing what she's thinking. She exhales quietly to herself. "Keep a cool head, Ceridwen. When the enemy takes a hostage, panic is exactly how they want you to react." Naomi moves to P18 Dulci Move to P23 drops Argos into P24 and cantos to P27 Rhian moves to P23 and Vuls Argos Fallon moves to P22 Ceridwen Moves to P25 Johanna moves to Q25 Verden moves to R25 [ ENEMY PHASE ] Antoinette fires at Johanna! [ ALLY PHASE ] "Are we all piling in? Cozy~" O25. Turn 18 Anthropomancy wanes completely. Argos recovers 5 HP. Johanna takes 2 damage from poison. Cheat Sheet:
  13. At first, in the urgency of the moment, Ferdiad doesn't react to the sound of the voices past the grim realization that reinforcements will likely be on them soon. He casts a look at the staircases leading to the lower corridors as he rides ahead, but something sits uneasy in his stomach. And then, like a subconscious itch, the sound of the voices themselves stick and bloom into a dread that fills his gut, nearly stopping him halfway to the throne. No, it can't be... The hand holding the lance in his hand trembles, but only just slightly. He forces himself to swallow, and feels his heart thud against his ribs like a caged animal. No one knows you here. No one knows who you are. But it feels like a poor and weak consolation against sure and impending disaster. N5.
  14. Dulcibella to R25, Rescue Argos, Canto to P24. "Man-eating spores...?" Johanna's dubiousness shifts to grim realization when she steps up to the doorway and recognizes the same aged, tangy smell that Ceridwen does, instilling a kneejerk alarm in her even though she knows that whatever had been in here would be harmless by now. "... Why would those be here?" she wonders aloud. They're not far from the fungus' place of origin, so it's not really the question of the region, but rather why inside Scarleticia Castle? Footsteps coming up behind her make her turn around to see the young laguz man looking something other than playful and cheeky for the first time since they'd laid eyes on him. There's an uncharacteristic seriousness in his expression as he looks around the room, flicking his tail. "That's so very Milich Oppenheimer for you," he finally says with a kind of bitter resignation, even if his words attempt to play off the severity of it. "Should've been more worried when he didn't show up this morning. Hhhrr, Hati isn't going to like this." "You're right about that." Startled, the fox swivels around, tail instinctively curling between his legs. "Hati! Ah, try to warn me... my poor heart..." She ignores him entirely, instead glaring at the pile of clothing in the far corner of the room as though the intensity of her anger would revive the man who'd worn them. "... So this is where it ended for him." The corner of her mouth twitches, and she turns back on her heel to leave the room. "Tch. That's how it is. We're leaving." "What do you want me to do, Hati~?" "Whatever the fuck you want." As she storms back down the corridor to the courtyard, the fur of her tail bristled, and calls to the rest of the laguz, the young man simply sighs. [ ENEMY PHASE ] Antoinette fires at Kris! Turn 17 Anthropomancy wanes further. Cheat Sheet:
  15. Releasing a breath, Ferdiad scans the situation. The crowd of enemies here have been mostly put down, and Cecily has already taken someone and moved back to defend the Queen. Turning Bradwr around, he extends a hand to Justine to pull her up into the saddle. "Come—" It's not 'Bard', but it's something like it. He can't be bothered at this moment. "The ones who thought to sneak past us should nearly be on Her Majesty by now." N14, Rescue Justine, Canto N10.
  16. As Ceridwen pulls herself off the floor from that ill-fated second confrontation with magic, Johanna watches to make sure she's steady, ready to lend her shoulder if needed. This is hardly the first time that bravado has gotten her in trouble. What was it — "I'm sure Argos and I can handle these horsemen together"? Not for lack of faith, but even the strongest soldiers needed a level head; they hadn't expected those ballista shots to come out of nowhere, and Ceridwen seemed to have trouble seeing beyond what stood right in front of her. Argos, as well. She would have to do her best to keep them from letting that be the death of them... and hope that they would learn caution before that happened. The look of mild admonishment lasts only for a moment; she may be their Acting Commander, but that doesn't mean she's here to rub salt in wounds. "If anything suspicious is in there, call for backup immediately," she says to Ceridwen sternly. "Don't try to handle anything yourself." Johanna rescues Kerr. The door swings open on freshly oiled hinges, and the first thing Ceridwen would notice is that there seems to be nothing inside. No movement or signs of life shuffle in the darkness of the windowless room. But as the light from the hallway filters in, a few things become apparent. The first is a set of large chests in the middle of the room, as well as a few other miscellany and shelves organized against the bare walls, indicating that this is likely another supply chamber similar to the earlier one, though barer than the last, or perhaps that's because most of what used to be in here had been taken out to outfit soldiers for the siege against the Dragon Knights. As Ceridwen steps inside, she would also notice that the air was different in here. It smelled very different, and not just the musk of old stone and iron. It smelled instead of loam — not fresh, like the outdoors, but old and stale, like dying plants. There was something tangy to the scent, too, something familiar to her. It would take her several seconds to pinpoint it, but she would recall the smell being particular to a type of fungus that grows in wet, shaded areas in the valleys of the Antei range. Growing up, it was well known among residents of the Antei Mountains that these fungi were incredibly dangerous due to the spores they produced, which corroded and dissolved tissue and bone within a span of minutes, though thankfully the spores were only active for the first several minutes after they were released, before being oxygenated rendered their acid harmless. After her eyes adjust to the relative darkness of the room, they would also find a pile of clothing in the back corner, like an outfit that had been hurriedly shed by someone, where the loam scent was the strongest. There was no sign that a person had worn these clothes, not even a skeleton, but there was a walking stick lying with the fabric, engraved with a name: Greyson. Cheat Sheet:
  17. "Me? Not long, not like some of the others. Maybe only four years. We heard about this from Master Greyson," he says, gesturing to the new passageway. "He'd been a steward of this place way before the General was moved here, so he knows a bunch of secrets." Verden S27, Heal Ceridwen. Cheat Sheet:
  18. As the fox laguz is thinking, eyes scanning the walls now that the onslaught has temporarily abated, Fallon, standing by the wall nearest to a doorway, may notice something a little off about part of the construction. The eyes of years of experience might be fooling him, or maybe the way the stone has cracked over time is a little too orderly... "Old man, feel around over there? Maybe it's another hallway, but..." As Fallon tests the wall, he'd find that, at one juncture, it shifts just a little bit, which a solid stone wall shouldn't do. "Ah! No, I remembered right!" At the fox's direction, Fallon would find, with a bit more effort, that beside the door to the nearby chamber, what had seemed to be another section of wall is instead a false side. A weakness in it gives and can be removed easily. Before the group, a hole opens up in the wall, revealing a narrow passageway, extending far into darkness. "The other side of this should be near the throne room," the fox remarks, swishing his tail with a smile. "And I'd bet Antoinette, too." "... So in theory we, or at least a few of us, could use this as a shortcut. Hmm."
  19. A single shot from Dulcibella's bow brings the offending mage down. Running into the fray again, Kris fires off two quick shots at the tactician, heavily wounding him before he can even get a breath in. Fallon follows up, finishing off the tactician with a clean shot. Verden to S26, Heal Michi. Paying the axeman back for the exact damage of last enemy phase, Michi downs him with. Exact damage. Johanna to R26, take Ceridwen's Vuln and use it on her. [ ENEMY PHASE ] Antoinette fires at Michi. [ ALLY PHASE ] Taking a look at the bolts that had aggravated several of the group already, the young man sighs when he recognizes the bright magenta coloring. "Not your usual ballista, I'm afraid. Looks like the good General's armed Antoinette." He looks around their surroundings. "Hmm, I feel like I'd heard something about... around here..." Q27. Turn 16 Michi takes 4 damage from poison. Michi is downed by poison! Anthropomancy wanes. Cheat Sheet:
  20. "Take that! Yeah! Wow, I can't believe we're on a roll!" "... Er, I mean, of course we are!" L21 and Hold.
  21. "Agreen." She tugs at the furred collar of her tunic, suddenly reminded of the sun beating down on her. Temperatures had never risen as high in the Ruins as they had here, and it seemed that what most people considered a lovely day outside was as warm as her home ever got. To see the ground unearthed as only happened during the peak of Ruins summer is still strange. There's no need for snow shoes here, and she had learned the other week that most people didn't know how to forward crawl through snow banks as high as one's chest. "Often thinken not am made for this," she says, leaving it unclear as to whether she still means the weather or something broader. "But will keepen onwards."
  22. She seems to think about this for a moment. That someone like Kyou, who had grown up in the same place and in the same environment as she... would have decided to do things so differently. Prior to... that woman's interruption, she had never once thought to leave the comfortable world of her parents and siblings. Traveling with the rotation of the seasons provided enough adventure in her life. Was it simply a difference in personality? "Aren that how you learned talken so naturally?" she asks. "Never would tellen your'n of the ruins; you talken just like cityfolk."
  23. L17 and attack Monk C with the Iron Blade, Canto to N17
  24. The answer does not surprise Ke, and she replies only with a kind of melancholy, understanding nod. She has never before heard of Ruinsfolk selling the knowledge left behind by the Great Ones, but considering how insular she is beginning to realize her world and understanding had been, she can only guess that there's much more that she's never heard of before. Nevertheless, it is so very different from what she has known. "Often finden those who exploren the ruins look cure for Bane, other sicknesses even." She looks thoughtful for a moment. "Oftener for greed... they taken of others, and keepen for own. Stopping these aren what I done all of life."
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