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  1. I've been very tired lately.

  2. I'll get around to the E18 build at some point soon; things have been biting me in the rear again and I haven't been feeling like being any more productive than it takes to get out of bed each morning and faff about online. I just need to look over what all has changed so I can start porting and tweaking.
  3. Obtaining Alolan Variants will be a thing in the next build, I haven't started working on that yet. An NPC that converts an existing Pokemon to a Shiny is a bit outside my capabilities at the moment, but I might look into it. Unfortunately, I have no idea what this error is. It's the first time I've heard of it. I could look into it, but I can't guarantee it'll be doable. Move Relearner should be in the same room as the Day Care Lady, at the table with three other NPCs, top right corner of the table. If that NPC is not there, then your version of Sandbox Mode is not updated to the current build. Make sure you have the current version and the Quick Patches relevant to that version. I have no idea how the Garcidea works, I just made it obtainable. As for Hoopa-U, it's possible that's because it doesn't have Tutor moves defined yet, which isn't something I didn't account for, but likely wasn't present in the base game. I'll check into it and see if it's like that in unmodified Reborn at some point.
  4. Hey when I downloaded and unzipped sandbox (well first off firefox kept almost crashing when I downloaded the file in the first place) I kept getting a "can't read script" error. Got any idea why?

    1. DerxwnaKapsyla


      I would blame the file being corrupted probably mid-download, otherwise I'm not sure why.

  5. This will be coming soon-ish, whenever I finish working on the second part of it: If anyone has anything else they wish to tell me, now is the time.
  6. if somebody knows how to obtain alolan forms in sandbox mode quickly can you plz let me know?

  7. Does E17 work through Wine normally, without Sandbox Mode? If it does, are you using any other modifications that could be tampering with the game?
  8. Version 4 is officially out and uploaded! It has been added to the first post, along with a guide of where absolutely everything is. Here's the change log for Version 4 If you notice any bugs, feel free to report them here or in PM!
  9. Okay! I have finished the guide for Sandbox Mode, and to my knowledge, nothing else is missing! I'm going to post the link to the guide first, and if people think anything else is missing, they can address me, and I'll get it in Sandbox before I actually release it. Link to the guide can be found here: https://goo.gl/9neDsj
  10. Builds of Sandbox for Episode 16 are no longer supported unfortunately, so I'm afraid you're out of luck there. If anyone has a copy they can throw your way, then I'd be fine with that, but I can't offer support for outdated builds. Anyway radio silence aside I've just gotten some more work done. The Manual Nature Selection NPC is done, as well as a few other things (Pokerus NPC, Secret Sword tutor). I don't know what else I need to do, so I'll double check all the notes I can find, and if I'm done then I guess I'll have V4 uploaded soon-ish.
  11. The Quick Patches should fix this. Did you apply them sequentially (Patch 1, then Patch 2?)
  12. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

    1. Cataline


      Jumps on Hey Happy Birthday!

  13. Unfortunately, this issue is new to me. I have no knowledge of what would be causing it or why it would be doing this. My suggestion would be to redownload the game. Your save will not be impacted in any way by doing this.
  14. Yeah, extract the files into the data folder from the Sandbox directory I was working on it but other things came up and distracted me fro making it. I'll try and get back to it when I'm available again!
  15. A pokerus distributor is on the table! However, until Amethyst adds the content from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon it won't be in Sandbox Mode.
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