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  1. I just came. all over my screen. best nut i ever had. thank you Ame.
  2. I suppose i better join in on the fun...i took this pic when i came out of the shower and after my hair was plait. sorry if its not the best quality
  3. Its a three way tie between Salamence/Honchkrow/Latios. In any case I love Salamence because of its ferocity and power, a quality that truly denotes a real dragon. Honchkrow because its basically the Pokemon equivalent of a mafia boss, i think that was quite creative. Latios because of how powerful and fast it is, its design and its personality anime wise. I just cant choose
  4. Nice interview, that arguement was pretty funny and Sigmund's backstory is as i predicted At the same time im kinda upset that we didnt get any info on Episode 10...i made like 5 teams so far while waiting lol #Nolife Im jk though...well about the no life part, still have 5 teams ready for action though...So Ame how's it going?
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