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  1. Welpthatsucks

    Can't pick up eggs

    Whenever I pick up an egg it gives me the word box and everything, but when I say yes to pick it up, nothing happens. Does anyone have a fix for this. Btw I already downloaded the patch
  2. Welpthatsucks

    Can't Pick Up Eggs

    Has anyone found a fix to this?
  3. Welpthatsucks


    It didn't work.
  4. Whenever I go to the area in route 9 where you get kidnapped and teleported, it keeps replaying the fight and won't allow me to progress.
  5. Welpthatsucks


    Where do I do that?
  6. Welpthatsucks


    I can't seem to pick up any eggs off the ground, is there anything I can do to fix it?
  7. Welpthatsucks


    thx Does it start once you talk to the old lady?
  8. Welpthatsucks


    How do you get spiritomb in Rejuvenation, I know you have to talk to 30 people in the forest, but I only found 6.
  9. How do you get spiritomb in pokemon rejuvenation, I know you have to talk to thirty people in the forest, but I can only find about 6

  10. Welpthatsucks

    Where do I go next?

    I just beat the double battle at the resort and amber got abducted., while everyone got knocked out Where do I go next? Edit: I feel like my ancestors were disappointed with how stupid i am. (it's in the resort area)
  11. Pokemon Rejuvenation

    Where do you go after you complete the double battle with the gym leaders at the resort and amber gets abducted?