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  • Pokemon obtainable (so far!) in Pokemon Reborn

    = Not yet in game
    = Limited Event*
    = Obtainable through evolution or breeding
    = In-game event
    = Catchable in wild/Repeatable Event

    * A limited event refers to a scenario in which one must choose between two or more Pokemon, the others becoming unobtainable (so far), such as choosing starters.

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    • Hello and Good day!   My names Ryou... Male, age 23, aspiring developer and current tech support...im a shy individual and been lurking for quite some time, figured with the pandemic, now is a good time to introduce myself to the community.    I enjoy doing many things such as challenge runs, coming up with builds and ideas...oh, I also have played through Reborn about three times now...all on RP runs as different characters for fun. Some hobbies I guess I have is trying to brainstorm some gimmicks or making a new team or deck (Card games..yay lol), I do a bit of DnD with a few friends of mine..albeit not as much with the pandemic going around right now. Im not the best at some games...but I enjoy a good bit, from anything to skyrim, KH, Pokemon, some MMOs and such, im not that good at them but hey, its fun! Im always open to questions if someone wants help with something...or if there is any way I could assist in the community id be very glad to help!   Sorry if i am a bit shy or awkward, its something I'll try to work on! (Also sorry for a bit of redundancy xD)
    • Then maybe this gravestone hints on something because there are flowers on top which means that someone is buried there, someone like Risa perhaps.
    • Oh I didn't saw it was Erick's fight.. I though you were on the [redacted] already.. 
    • We can actually know that she's next because the game files already have the whole set of gym badges, that's how we know the Steel gym is next in order, so it's very likely we're fighting Saki next. Also that Twitter account was a way of foreshadowing the events of the next version, Jan did that kind of thing before, and Zumi herself stated there's already a big hint towards Saki's new appearance, so we'll definitely see her in V13. Her disappearance in that picture might imply the "old Saki's" existence disappearing, due to the kidnapping and memory manipulation which Adam and Valarie went through as well. Also Freya basically helped and protected Saki on Terajuma after she flew off the ship, so it would be contradicting for her to suddenly harm her.
    • Mega Nidoking Poison/Dragon Ability:Tough Claws HP:81 Atk:152 Def:112 Sp.Atk:75 Sp.Def:112 Spd:75 given access to dragon hammer and outrage
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