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  • Pokemon obtainable (so far!) in Pokemon Reborn

    = Not yet in game
    = Limited Event*
    = Obtainable through evolution or breeding
    = In-game event
    = Catchable in wild/Repeatable Event

    * A limited event refers to a scenario in which one must choose between two or more Pokemon, the others becoming unobtainable (so far), such as choosing starters.

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    • It has since been removed
    • you are playing on an old version. You have to update your game.
    • "Human magic?" Diligence starts babbling to herself under her breath, looking around. The words 'revolutionary', 'pictograms' and 'tree growth' can be heard faintly under her breath. "T-this is such a big thing to drop on us....w-what is this 'writing' like? D-does it look like our symbols? How do you know human magic works  that way?"
    • Brilliant reached over and patted both of Stardust's shoulders now. "I'm sorry that I can't promise you won't get into fights... but I'll make sure they go okay, okay? You won't have to be afraid with me around!" "Or me!"   "As for what we'll be doing on this journey..." Her body suddenly practically jittering with raw excited energy, Brilliant Deduction dashed right out into the middle of the mingling group, and then twirled dramatically, her cloak whirling around her as she did.   "You all are going to be accompanying me on a journey that will change the face of the Scholars' Redoubt, nay, the known world, nay, even the world Outside!!!"   This was accompanied with a dramatic pause, Brilliant holding a very smug look on her face. "During the last year, I made my brilliant deduction which gained me my name -- after finding enough examples of a strange set of symbols that kept repeating on ancient artifacts left behind by the vanished Humans! I had figured that they were some sort of way of holding meaning like on tablets' symbols, but they repeated and seemed to be mundane, so they were some way of keeping normal information... what I discovered is that they actually correspond to sounds! Through months of tireless experimentation with various sounds along with my wonderful assistants Curiosity and Life-Recorder, I figured out that these sounds together in fact make words -- those strange Human symbols everywhere were a way of putting language into physical form, all along! I call it... writing! It's an odd term, but the inspiration just came to me." "Now, naturally this is all very revolutionary and will change the world for sure on its own... but in the middle of my looking through old Human writing, I found something very fascinating. Now, those who are experienced with scavenging or studying already know that the Humans could use magic... but from what I've read, it appears that magic the way that we think about it was only ever the beginning! It would probably be too overwhelming if I were to get into the specifics of what I've found out just now, but it seems there's extremely powerful magic out there that we could revolutionize the world with!" "As for what I need you all for, well, I need escorts and assistants and traveling companions... we're going to be traveling a long, long way -- somewhere few bugs from the Scholars' Redoubt have been before! We're going to be going into the North, because some of the bugs there have been known to collect Human artifacts instead of raiding. I received a tip from an explorer up there which suggests that some of these places have collected a lot of fragile Human artifacts that would otherwise have decayed out of an admirable desire to make sure they are remembered, and I am sure that this includes their writings! If we can together find a tip on where to go from there, we will make the future!"   She settled down a little, but was clearly still quite pleased with herself. "Now, I'm sure this is a lot of worldshaking and interesting information to take in, so let me know if you have any questions and I'll answer them."
    • "Professional courtesy. I want to make sure you're not screwing me. I'd oblige you if you asked. You don't know how it is these days, do you?"
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