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    Welcome to Reborn's Minecraft servers!

    Please remember that all Community Rules apply to our servers as well. We use minimal plug-ins, which you can read about below. If you're all set to join in, feel free to sign on, build, explore and make friends!

  • Please remember all community rules extend to the MC server!

  • About GriefPrevention

    GriefPrevention does exactly what it says on the tin. Details on how to use the plugin can be seen in this video.

    Claim a small patch of land by placing a chest. You will start with a 9x9 area which you will be allowed to expand as you earn more blocks by playing on the server.

    Players should be aware of the following commands:

    • /trust - Will allow a player to access your land.
    • /untrust - The player will no longer be able to access your land.
    • /trustlist - Will let you see who you’ve trusted.
    • /claimlist - Will let you view all of your claim coordinates.
    • /abandonclaim - Abandons the claim you are currently in.


    Alongside this, two items' functions have changed for this plugin:

    • Stick - Right clicking on a block with this item will allow you to see if that block is claimed or not.
    • Golden Shovel - Allows you to resize current claims or claim additional land.


    While this plugin will prevent griefing, if you allow someone into your land and then they grief you it is your own responsibility. Make good choices on who you do and do not trust.

    GriefProtection only protects a few blocks below where you place the chest, so if you want to make an underground house make sure you place your chest at whatever level you wish to live on.

    While you CAN claim land outside of your original starting area, any secondary claims you make will come out of your block claims available.

    Any abuse of these claims will result in punishment, varying from having your claims reset to an outright ban.

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