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Searching for a Ditto with at least 4V


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I started playing Reborn since last winter and currently digging through Post-game legendary sections, and figured I need to start grinding for more optimal IVs, and been doing so for few mons that has female gender.
But with male-only mons and genderless ones, I'm a little stuck, breeding grind for them only actually works with Ditto with these optimal ones, I'm looking for someone who can offer me one.

Attack and Speed IV is tolerable not to be V since I'm trying to make Trick Room Porygon 2 set, hence at least 4V.

I'm willing to give this 6V Marill in return, it's a leftover of IV grinding with others.


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On 2/14/2024 at 12:56 AM, Bona Sang said:

Do you still need it? I got you.


Help is always appriciated, you can tell me when do we trade and look up for a username 'Pigeot'. Just not right now and until about this 9 PM EST, I'm on a middle of the Charous Hall raid for Magearna before going sleeping.

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