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Not able to run game on Mac. I followed all the steps but no use.


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I updated to ep 6, I try to run the game and appears this long message:

Exception: NoMethodError

Message: undefined method `[]' for #<PokeBattle_Trainer:0x0000000127d054f8 @mysterygiftaccess=false, @language=2, @metaID=0, @formseen=[nil, [[], []], [[true], []], [[true], [true]], [[], []], [[true], []], [[true], [true]], [[true], []], [[], []], [[true], []], [[true], [true]], [[true], []], [[], [true]], [[true], [true]], [[true], [true]], [[true], [true]], [[true], [true]], [[

I mean, really long message. I only copied the first part since the rest is the same.


What can I do? Please let me know!


Thanks in advance for the support.

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