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Need Help with Sprites pretty please?


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Hey all, so I've been an avid fan of both pokemon Reborn and Rejuvination for a long time now and have played both more time over then any of the main line pokemon games. And while I do love a lot of the ptrotag sprites offered I like to change it up from time to time and edit them for a new feel to the trainer. But, there is one thing I've always wanted to do and that is a crossover play. So what do I mean? Well, for those who know Reborn, Ame is in the game as an NPC and sadly we don't get to really see her in action all that much, yet despite this I've always felt she carried a strong charm about her. Now I won't give any spoilers but do to reason we don't get see any variation sprites for her outside of intro to the game, which means using her in place of the protag sprite in Rejuvination is kind of hard. We have the walk sprite, the trainer sprite from the intro, and thanks to someone else I was able to get my hands on a VS screen sprite. Though obviously I won't be posting it as I don't know if I have permission to do so. But with all that said and done I would really appreciate if someone would help me get at the very least a throwing sprite animation for Ame. I can edit sprites sure but when it comes to out right making sprites I'm just banging my head on a wall. And sure I could try and edit on of the white haired female characters to resemble Ame, she's got a good bit of detail I just don't think I'm capable of recreating. Fishing, biking sprites and surf/dive sprites would be super appreciated as well but  considering those are more the ect. sprites that I feel can be done without.  I suppose a knocked down/out sprite to as both Rejuv and Reborn like to knock your character on on their butts a good bit lol.


And if your feeling the groove for the making of this sprites, maybe even make an alt costume Ame for when the story gives you the option to in Rejuvination. But again, all I really need is the ball throw. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my request even if you aren't planning on doing it. And an even bigger thank you to anyone willing to give it a try. <3

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