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Is it okay if I edit Cains hair?

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Heyhoooo, this is my first post ever (be gentle >___< ) in this forum and I am surprised at this because Ive been playing Reborn for almost 6 years now doing different playthroughs and runs ^^ Its an amazing game and I love the characters (ALL OF THEM ARE SO INTERESTING OMG!!!), but Cain is by far my favourite AHHH so cute! 
I will be doing another run (this will be my 9th playthrough, mono-poison this time, im excited <3 ) and to change things up a little I wanted to make Cains hair longer and a bit curlier. Is it okay if I edit his sprite a bit for my own use? Please, if Im offending someone or the person the character is based on I apologize in advance! 
I am asking because I know how much work was put into these characters and game and that a lot of them have big importance to Ame and the rest of the team! 
And I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this too, I just thought that "mod-market"= editing files
If its okay, could you help me find the folder with his sprites to edit? I found the one in the "Characters" folder, but I have no idea where Cains-kun backsprite (the one used in the Yureyu Building Team battle) is ;((( I couldnt find any of the backsprites of the characters that you have teambattles with (like Victoria), so if you could help me with finding them too I would be super happy and give you a huge hug ^^ 

Edit: sorry! I wrote the same sentence twice >__< ahhh 

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