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[MOD] Remove Disobedience Mod

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A mod to remove Pokemon disobedience. With this pokemon will always obbey you no matter what level they are.

It is not compatible with any other mod that changes Scripts.rxdata since this mod modifies that file.

This mod is for Pokemon Reborn 18.4.3


1. Backup you old Scripts.rxdata file in your Data folder.
2. Copy the new Scrips.rxdata file into you Data folder and Replace the old one.

Pokemon Reborn Remove Disobedience Mod.zip

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does anyone have a working download link for this?


edit: nevermind, got it to work

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i'm not smart

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actual question this time - does anyone know why this mod breaks certain maps? particularly the beryl ward and the underground railnet, potentially others.


i've been using the workaround of swapping the scripts files around when needed, which has worked fine so far but is a bit of a pain.  help would be appreciated.

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