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Looking for a mon to help with Sapphire

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WHAT I HAVE TO TRADE: Willing to trade a Level 86, 5 IV Hydreigon (Attack is only one not perfect) with Ev's maxed out in Speed and Special Attack. Also have 5 IV (missing Special defense with only 26) Arcanine (Ev's in speed and attack) if that's your thing. 


WHAT I WANT: Want a mon that can help against Sapphire's gym but wanna know what yall got - maybe you want a mon I have and wanna trade something cool that's not fairy/Ice, just looking for some fun mon tbh. - No illegitimate Pokémon.

Already have Gardevior and mimyku in terms of fairy and if your mon has good IVs but is a baby that's ok too, will grind away.

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