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Unbreakable DEMO

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 Pokemon Unbreakable


Hello, my name is AquaMacaw but you can call me A.M. for short. I've been a longtime admirer of anyone who creates, especially when it involves a story with it's own world to accompany it. And after finding this community, that is already so accepting of people's creative projects.

I feel comfortable enough to finally tell a story that will at the very least give you a sense of adventure.



Come one, come all to the Ironava Region, after our thirteen failed attempts to reinstate the Pokemon League, people began to claim that the Ironava Pokemon League
was cursed, for some reason. However, this year has been an unexpected success! Now trainers are encouraged to to battle the eighteen Gyms spread across our beautiful region and
the very best one out of all those trainers will become a legend, by becoming the first Ironava Champion in nearly a century (ninety-seven years to be exact)!
... Huh have none of you heard the stories? C'mon this is basic history here. Well... Ironava used to be a Region filled to the brim with legendary Pokemon and the
people were connected to them in a very unique way. Not like spiritually or anything, but some would hang out in cities or help with transportation. In a few documented
cases, some would even do more powerful favors if you proved yourself. Anyway that's not the important part, exactly ninety-seven years ago a group called Team Aspire
seized control of the Region... to do something. They weren't trying to destroy the world or create a new one, so I don't know what the problem was. Despite that, seven
strong and supposedly noble Pokemon Masters rallied all the legendary Pokemon and launched an attack on Team Aspire's various bases, the ensuing battle has since been referred to as the Grand Calamity! Named so... because the people who witnessed it, that are still alive today, insist that it was quite the spectacle. Mountains blew up and were restored 
within minutes, meteorites rained down and destroyed cities, only be repaired instantly from the immense psychic energy of the people who were living there, seas became lava,
the sky became ice ectera, ectera... My Granddad told me about how he watched a rip in space merge with a giant ball of floating electricity and became a plasma covered black hole!
I think I have some pictures around here somewhere... ahh, never mind. So anyway after the dust cleared Ironava looked entirely different, parts were broken off,
a chasm cut into the the center of it, whole sections buried by debris, but more importantly the seven masters, every single legendary Pokemon and the top brass of Team Aspire
had vanished without a trace. Ever since the Grand Calamity, Ironava has dealt with countless conveniently timed catastrophes and disasters, now it's just considered another
part of everyday life. The Pokemon and people of Ironava tend to look at the glass as being completely full (half-filled with water, the other half air). It's because of these convenient
setbacks that the Pokemon League has evaded Ironava for so long, but not anymore. The League returning is, i'm sure, a sign of things getting better for Ironava. Perhaps whoever 
becomes the Champion can set things right in this region. Oh! No pressure or anything, the people of Ironava may not look it, but we can be rather resourceful when pushed to
and adapt very quickly when need be. And honestly whatever you accomplish probably won't matter in the long run, at least to the majority of people. I think you're best option is to 
keep your head down, battle through every gym and aim to become the champion. Besides we've heard nearly every other region does it, so there must be something
vitally important about it...





A very short and terrible demo that really only exists to show me the kind of time and effort required to make a fan game. It also exists to introduce the main cast... kinda.

Think of it like an alternate universe to the actual game. Hope you enjoy it for what it is!

Google Chrome


* Several graphical glitches happen if you play on large screen size, they aren't game breaking but it is annoying.

* There are sprites that are used as placeholders from other games, and hopefully they will be changed in an actual version releases.

The First Version is Out:



As of right now the most important thing I need is help with is Spriting. If you are confident in your ability 

to do pixel art, I would LOVE your help.

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