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pokemon reborn how to get magnezone



Hello i would like to evolv Magneton into Magnezone.

I have found a youtube video to this topic.

But If i do the same as the guy in the video, the Pokeball which includs the key is not there.

Now my question is do I have to reach a certain state of the game to get this key or not?

Is it currently possible to evolv Magneton into Magnezone?

Can you please help me on this topic and let me know how can I get Magnezone? :)


Thank you in advance


Best Regards




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Hm, this feels like a wierd change from ep 15 to 16, As i understand it they made this change just so you cant get rotom that early on, but why make Magnezone a hyper-lategame-mon? Im tired at using ampharos as a discharge spammer, and magnezone is such a cool pokemon, in no way is it to strong either, there are plenty of equal pokemon if not more in statwise aspect you can get early on like arcanine etc.. 

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