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So I've been thinking about enjoying reborn with my own custom character, but I've never made a sprite before, and I honestly don't know where to begin. I know that I'd need to replace a handful of assets from the character model to the back sprite, the overworked model's walking, running, surfing, and tauros riding animations, and their challenger cut-ins. That's a lot of work if I really want to do that right.

Does anyone who does sprites have advice or assistance to offer with how to get started, what programs are best (mac friendly please)?

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Making a sprite is basically like drawing and you can find all the current sprites in the Reborn 15 folder, I'd recommend using GraphicsGale if you want to sprite it's a really good software for it and amethyst has tutorials on her YouTube Channel like Sonikku said including an Introduction to GraphicsGale video.

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