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  1. So a friend and I have really enjoyed playing online and fighting each other. The first few times it works just fine, a few seconds lag but nothing serious, but now after a short break we come back to the game (we're talking 20 days max) and we try to play a match but the waiting has increased significantly. It can sometimes take over 30 seconds for a move to register, and sometimes different things happen to us. Case and point I use my Gliscor to Uturn and kill my friend's Xatu, who then sends out Exeggutor and I send my Hippodown. But on my screen I see a Xatu with no health instead of the aforementioned Exeggutor. And after that the game just goes into Waiting mode and nothing else happens. Any reasoning behind this? Is it just a case of overworked servers and is there anything we can do to fix it?
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