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  1. V 13.0.5 I'd be really glad if someone could help me since I wanna know how the story continues. xD
  2. Thanks for replying! Yes, I already play on casual. :D Plus I did beat Souta in the end since I did some research on the internet and trained two sturdy Golems and caught a gale wings Talonflame. Bafrely made it. xD I submitted feedback to the devs on this. My next fight is Rift Gardevoir. Let's see!
  3. So I've come across this game and started playing it on casual difficulty since I'm not into EVs, IVs, nature etc. Just wanted an enjoyable experience with focus on the story. Well, the story is extremely interesting, but it's happened a couple of times that I struggled quite hard with certain battles. Lately, Souta. This battle actually made me angry. I'm wondering whether this game was made for players who actually know about strategy, EVs etc.? Gotta say that I found some of the original main games of the Pokemon series way too easy, but Rejuvenation is on a different level. Wouldn't say that my team concists of 'bad' Pokemon, but baybe I need to get into strategy?
  4. Hey there, I'm new here! I'm absolutely in love with the Soundtrack of Route 9 - is it an original and if so, who created it? (I'm getting Ecruteak City vibes, but not sure)
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