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  1. Do you mean in the cave with the Time Crystal? She wasn't there and I couldn't interact with the Crystal. I did check her house. Dufaux is released and I also beat Spector. There might be something in Darchlight Manor I missed, but I did pull up the Clefairy Doll out of the well.
  2. I'm up to Narcissa's final leg of the quest, and the guide I'm following says she's 'by the sign east of the Pokémon Center' but I don't see her there at all. Is she somewhere else entirely, or did I not get her to spawn at all? For context, I have beaten Isha.
  3. I lost the first fight against the red-haired girl in the pyramid (the fight where you play as Adam w/ Delpha) and I beat her the second time, but now... I'm kind of completely stuck with Adam's team and Delpha. My own team is gone, as are all of my items. Please tell me there's a way to fix this...! I literally won't be able to continue the game in this state! I'm scared to quit and save because what if I get stuck in this state permanently?? But I'd also rather not go through that incredibly obnoxious fight again...
  4. Ohhhh so it's 2% at night in Goldenleaf Town? That's really good to know, thank you!
  5. There's a small typo in the ability description for Punk Rock Also a typo in this dialogue in GDC
  6. I've searched Wispy Path very often past 9:00 PM my time, so that should be nighttime, unless I need to go later? Does Galarian Linoone only appear there at night as well? Because I've seen those, but no Drifloon ;-;
  7. I've been having absolutely rotten luck locating a Drifloon for Zumi, and I don't know how much longer I can handle running around Wispy Path trying to find one. Is there an easier way to find a Drifloon (I'm currently up to West Gearen in terms of story), or would it be possible to hack one into my boxes using debug?
  8. Thank you so much! This helps immensely! I'm assuming you get the ability to let a Pokemon follow you much later into the game?
  9. I've returned to the Wispy Chasm in the wake of the Dufaux event, following this guide, and I'm trying to get to the 6 Badge door to get Scrafty. I'm pretty sure it's past here but I have no idea how to get past it... It's possible I might be in the completely wrong area but the guide said to climb vines down into Wispy Chasm, and I could only find one set of vines.
  10. You're more than welcome to use them if you want! ^^
  11. I'm not sure if there's anything to contribute to, is there? I'm really just doing these for fun and for my own playthrough of Desolation, though.
  12. Can anyone tell me where the key to the Celia City Sewers is?
  13. Some shinies available in Desolation weren't quite to my taste so I tried to recolor some of them! Feel free to use!
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