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  1. All solved! I downloaded the patch 13.0.2 and ended up resetting to an even earlier save file (before talking to Neved for the first time). The problem was that in the previous patch the library wasn't updated for some reason, and I couldn't progress. It all seems to work fine now. Before that, however, I got stuck in Neved's room. Re-entering it after rescuing Aelita softlocks you, as you can neither go to the throne room nor exit it. Emma says "No need to back this way..." (sic). Just putting this out there for those who were softlocked as well.
  2. I am, and I already saved Aelita from that room. When I left Neved's room afterwards, all the guards were knocked out, and you know the rest. Here's my save too Game_2.rxdata
  3. You can actually just walk in and get stuck, I just did. Valarie says to go battle Neved and get the key, so I went to the throne room where he was supposed to be, and got stuck. I reset to an older save, went back, talked to everyone on he bottom floor, inspected as many things as I could, saved, went back to the throne room and got stuck. Then I loaded up the save and went outside the castle, which caused the guards to appear again as if nothing happened, so I walked in and out of Neved's room, the guards were out cold again, I went through the same process as last time, and... got stuck for the third time. I have no clue what I'm missing here but so far it seems to be easier to get stuck than to trigger the fight. Do you have any tips?
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