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  1. Can the Mod be used in episode 18.4.1 Because I did what the tutorial said in the download description?
  2. I downloaded The mod and extracted it then put it in the data folder then in the mod folder How do I activate the mod?
  3. Is there a Walk through wall mod in reborn?
  4. How would I upload a save file?
  5. I'm at the Glass workstation And I can't move the ice piece blocking the wall to go to the scientist's And it wasn't working I searched Up and watched people moving it exactly how I was doing it And the Thing is I use mods but not A lot I only used the type and Stat showing mod when I removed it to try and do it again it had the same result.
  6. I really wanna try a mono type And i cant find my gamerxdata iv been trying to for so long Can someone please give me a save file
  7. Is that good enough?
  8. I made a new save file folder
  9. I deleted reborn a few months ago And I redownloaded it I finished the game yesterday and I wanted to try a nuzlocke but for some reason I cant make a new save file I couldnt find the save file folder But then i realized i deleted it a when i deleted reborn So after that i made a save file folder in reborn But there is no game.rxdata
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