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  1. I can trade with you; my online username's Cryoflame, just send me a trade request whenever you see this. Hint: You can buy Link Stones to do trade evolutions next time
  2. Shelly as well. During my first playthrough, I was caught off guard with the perfect mix of offensiveness (anorith/yanmega/forest field) and defensiveness (volbeat/struggle bug/rain dance) of her team- and she still gives me a lot of trouble. I think the thing about Shelly is that she catches a lot of people by surprise with how tanky a bug team is, especially once a few struggle bugs go off, and her rain just deletes the fire types you throw at her. And most people don't think to use a weather move/fake out during their first time.
  3. Heya everyone! My name's Cryoflame, 'though I mainly go by Cy (or Cryo or Flame or whatever other nicknames people think of. As long as it's not a one-letter nickname, feel free to call me it.) You may have seen me pop up in the Discord server sometimes, and I've started playing Reborn since... whoa, was it only two months ago? Anyways, yeah, I'm new to the community. *bows* Currently on my second and third runs of Reborn (psychic and poison monotypes) and nearly finished with the current release of Rejuvenation as well as just started Desolation. I really enjoy the games and I'd like to thank
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