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  1. I was hatching Deino eggs for good ivs I had a Slugma and 5 eggs No mods I play on a single save file. This npc in is walkable??? is this a bug or am i stupid and he is walking on the glass ceiling?
  2. I currently have a Charizard, Nidoking, Gallade, Primarina and a Mangnezone I can't decide on my sixth member. is there anything good (preferably dual type) which i could use? On a side note, is there any electric type i could use to replace magnezone? It's a good pokemon, but it seems to get one-shot by every water type carrying earthquake
  3. I see, that makes sense tho is there any other way to level up?
  4. is it better? i was sure it would be worse since it's pokemon have held items and stuff?
  5. Is there any good spot to grind before Adrienn gym battle? I am finalizing my team by replacing empoleon with Pipplio(i kept empoleon for it's steel typing and heck the only move it klearns through level up is metal claw) Adding Gallade (from the ralts in corrupt ball) And adding Sylvalli (extra type coverage) are there any good spots for grinding? i am currently just switch training using a exp share at the grand Hall in Opal wardto get the most exp to the pokemon without too much problem
  6. oh no i use the same save file and i dont have any other save files
  7. alright thanks guys i did it klinklan + aggron helped out a lot along with ditto
  8. Is this normal or is my game bugging? I have reborn 18.4.1 I am supposed to fight Sirius in belrose mansion i am not using any mod nor do i have any other save file other than this one EDIT: this bug happens only in game-Z and not the regular game
  9. ohh i'll try your strategy Ditto's level 5 tho so i gotta spend time leveling it up and my golem doesn't seem to know rock blast :/ i may have to go to a move relearner i'll update later
  10. The Sirius fight at Belrose mansion is too difficult. I have fought, lost and reset for like 20ish times now. please help me. I am generally finished by his minior. Shell smash minior along with no armor completely destroys my team. when i did manage to defeat minior using fake out, the tyrantrum and golisopod destroy my team. I will cry now :D
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