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  1. @keign you need to use OCR to read the directions. Personally I prefer this way as opposed to having a voice read out the coordinates, since I can easily copy/paste the results OCR gives me to a notepad and go from there rather than keeping on scanning for the same location.
  2. @Malta10 what you just accomplished is beyond amazing. Thank you so much, this works perfectly
  3. @Malta10 this is honestly exactly what we need. If you can manage to pull this off... wow. This would be amazing
  4. OCR picked up the numbers this time, but not the letters. It's still okay since there are only 5 stats, however under different circumstances it will not read the numbers. I'll send you another one once I come across a situation where the numbers aren't showing.
  5. The issue is in the stats screen. Sometimes I'll get the numbers right, sometimes only the HP. I believe it's really a font issue unfortunately.
  6. Thank you for the suggestion. It works for the most part, the only issue is OCR is really not accurate when it comes to reading my pokemon's different stats. Is there a way to export these as text? Or perhaps add them to the clipboard?
  7. The screen reader can actually read text in the game using OCR. Speaking of this, is there a way to actually change the font of the game to make it easier for OCR to read things? I'm having a few issues in the battle menu or while trying to view the stats for a pokemon. Once again, thank you so much for being interested to make the game more playable for us.
  8. I had the chance to test this for a bit and I have to say this works really well. Apparently Gamulation also has a script for footsteps sounds which I don't have, so I assume his experience is even better than mine. If I may suggest. Would it be possible to use any other key instead of alt? Reason being that alt makes the game go faster. Thank you so much for doing this once again.
  9. I am also fully blind, and have been playing pokemon games for ages without mods that made these games accessible. I want to thank you DemICE for doing this, I'll test this mod and will let you know what I think.
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