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  1. What's up guys? I just finished the game until the end of this update and I just have to say that is absolutely fantastic! I mean, everything, the events, the characters, everything is sooo well made, oh god I actually don't want to wait for the next update and play it now again haha. Anyways, it made me happy, I'll miss my friends(game) so, until next time and Congratulations to the devs for this marvelous game, it's so beautiful, and the friendship scenes are perfect, everyone is so real, with real troubles and everything. Make me love them more for sure, I'll miss m
  2. So here is the problem, I just kinda know I have the team to beat an specific gym leader but I ended up giving ultra potions (yes I rich okay, like 70 ultra in my bag) to my umbreon plus moon light and then they struggle to defeat (pp out), anyone has my same laziness? Because I mean... Leveling pokes is tiring xD that's not the case when they use a fighting move or they megaevolve tho
  3. Are we getting a new release? Cool. Btw the Bulk up + Speed boost strategy in my Blaziken is still working until now and most fights are not a challenge anymore lol xD Plus my bulky Umbreon doesn't help in losing haha, I think I'll change strategies..... Or not, I'm sure a legendary will come a sweep my team like always anyways (I'm talking to you Mewtwo Mr. " First Heart attack of the game")
  4. I love how the game was difficult until my Combusken evolved (it has speed boost and bulk up) I just put him first and bulk up 3 times and bam xD (there are exceptions of course...) Tho I'm sure this won't work forever haha Btw the game and story are awesome, cheers to the developers
  5. That will be Blaziken, with the power of friendship and love he evolved (or she, don't matter) to Combusken in the first gym after an arduous and hard training kicking ratatas (yaaaaaaas) then and then....! Lo and behold in the 3rd gym it evolved between the second battle demolishing and astonishing every pokemon with the tremendous fighting prowess Surprised I was when he learned for some miraculous way... V Fire, destroying the pokemons of the bad guys (of Team Meteor and that dumbass of rival that I have, four eyes of course, the other two are my precious babies an
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