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  1. I am not gonna ask for more mons if u are so offended by it seriously now I am not gonna ask for any mons
  2. kaido

    Just listen

    I have completed Pokémon insurgence in hard mode and it was nuzlocke and I was about it coz I am at fighting Noel and I couldn't get any dark mons there so anyone asking that u should play Pokémon insurgence I have completed and from now I am not gonna ask for anything and I am gonna not help anyone in this forum so have peace and if I cannot ask for mons than what is this forum well byefrom now on
  3. I am need of a powerful dark type plz trade with me
  4. with perfect ev plz can anyone donate me i will take any of the electric but it should be offensive plz so can anyone give it
  5. i want a shiny type lol co of it so i anyone wanna plz give
  6. I shoulfd use f12 key on keyboard so that it can debug it happens sometimes with me too and about the server it was shutdown for sometime s sorry for inconvenience
  7. That happens some time I think u should do debugging coz sometime they do little damage so I should try debugging
  8. But I cannot get I today also tried like 300 times so can anyone give it plz
  9. guys i think my game is bugged coz i cannot get shiny typenull after 2545 soft resets so if u could help plz if possible
  10. My blaziken was lvl 43 and I defeated her by only using blaze kick U should do ev train
  11. They are not invested in spdef or hp coz I hve used my blaziken to sweep out her team
  12. Shadowpaw do u do breeding all the time coz u have like every pokemon
  13. nature should be adamant and speed boost and plz can u send me a shiny stone
  14. hey this tim ill be waiting for ur request ok my name is ayushman in the game
  15. bro can we trade at 3 plz and tell me which pokemon
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