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  1. yes, that´s what I´ve got. It doesnt make any sense
  2. What to do with the binary code in the source code? The decoder cant decode that
  3. yessss got more packages in the last week from zumi than from other sources :D
  4. dj4nton

    v13 and MKXP

    great to hear some news!
  5. 442 and 244xxx... Coincidence? I don´t think so
  6. I dont think that the "9" in the lower part of the page should be taken literally. The 9 wasnt there before. It was added 24 h after that riddle has started. This 9 is probably a hint to something we have been overseeng the whole time
  7. The "nine" looks like the pic below... Zumi pls don´t punch us!
  8. I dont think that the 9 will change to an 8. I think the 9 is a hint, because we are stuck. If you read the message, you can note the two "eyes" after the "tw". Since "i" is the 9th letter in the alphabet it could be a hint. You can read the gifs message in another way: "It takes tw eyes" --> "It takes TWICE" But I have no clue what should be taken twice. Maybe something hidden because of the "hide and seek"-message
  9. "it takes two eyes" but our SPU guy has no eyes on his profile pic
  10. the nine wasnt there before
  11. it´s probably "years" :D
  12. https://z-kivhvmg.tumblr.com/ the "z-kivhvmg"-part is coded. It means "a-present" The code is that each letter of the alphabet is replaced with the one at its opposite end. So: A = Z B = Y C = X D = W E = V And so on... But I dont know how/if that will help us.
  13. According to the source code of the website, there is only one word which works.
  14. The thing is, that there is no field to type sth in, except the one from the first riddle. But that one accept only ONE message and doesn´t work with another. Then we have the main post of this riddle, where more information could be hidden. But I´m 00% sure there is NO hidden link in the first post. Another possibility is, that there is another thread, unseen by the most of us, which contains more information. The last possibility I can think of, is to wait and to see if my message before will turn into dust OR if collaboration is indeed needed here. (or bo
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