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  1. Okay, so I searched on this site for this bug but didn't find it for Rejuvenation just something similar in Reborn. I could have missed it though, please don't shoot me. lol Anywho, when I hit F12 to reset and then go into the options menu it crashes and closes the game. Any help would be appreciated, Thank You.
  2. Just started playing again, and from what I remember from before was that you could use other moves in replacement of HMs, like a fighting move would be the same as using Rock Smash, if I remembered correctly. (please correct me if I'm wrong) So my question is which moves work the same as HMs or has that feature been removed? Sorry if this is the wrong spot for this question. Any help would be appreciated, Thank You.
  3. Looking for a fun team, not really competitive, more so just a good team that won't struggle the whole time and that is kinda underrated or unique. Please try to include when it can be obtained. (I don't wanna find a great team only to find out that most of the Pokemon are only obtainable after mid-game or later.) Prefer wild caught, but eggs work as well. Please try to include Moves and Abilities. (Stats not needed.) No Starters. No Legendary. No Pseudo Legendary. No Gift. (No Pokemon with different OT for Example: Corey's Pokemo
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