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  1. Thanks for your help, hopefully my game doesn't experience anymore bugs, I'll let you know if it does tho, once again thank you.
  2. Aye so I was trying to finish the Dufaux quest and when I'm at the final stages at the manor this happens. This is my savefile Game.rxdata
  3. Nevermind I installed it properly this time, thanks for your help, but sometimes the game crashes when being loaded says script is hanging is that normal?
  4. I can't play the game anymore since I whenever I encounter a wild pokemon my game crashes, I'm was trying to do the narcissa sidequest when I found out, also it says the problem is caused by using the black flute but I did not use black flute maybe just once, I discarded the flute items I got from itemfinder as well. Game.rxdata
  5. Whenever I encounter a pokemon my game crashes please help LastSave.dat
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