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    Having my expensive computer's power wasted by playing older games primarily.
    Medieval sword-fighting, live-action roleplaying, crafting fantasy weaponry for use in roleplaying combat.
    Going to deserted buildings in my hometown for the exploration/adventure with few friends, avoiding crowds in general.

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  1. Damn, yeah noticed it too as i went through the animation editor, i'll still mess around with missing ones or some abysmal looking old ones like solarbeam, considering i've been porting some gen8 moves that use existing mechanics i'll put that elbow grease there. Checking the work that's been done for Z-moves really impressed me, guess with some creative movement and positioning one can simulate these dynamic 3d effects. Just wish there was a CTRL+F in that animator editor in debug, half the time i'm scrolling up and down to check if there's a needle arm animation i can tweak for grass knot.
  2. phew, did half of them trying to mix some proper bgs although while i can get geomancy's charging to work for w/e reason the animation for actually using the move won't display even though i've used the format seen in solarbeam/skyattack etc
  3. Went through some tutorials, and only option seems to be to give default animations by Type which is a pretty meh solution, i'll try cook up some fitting animations for moves generally used competitively using the existing graphics folder assets to have as placeholders until more official animations come out, also considering you @smeargletail are working on your own nicely done animations on some moves, is there a resource for currently in-progress/unreleased move animations that aren't released in reborn yet? That way i can know what moves are soon to get animated so we don't work on the same ones. The goal is to have this as a mini-mod while the game is in progress and also for a bit of move animation practice for myself.
  4. This is essentially a miniproject/mod for giving all moves missing animations some placeholder fitting animations using existing graphics that generally fit the idea of the move. The goal is in no way to faithfully recreate any of the unfinished moves animations, the idea is to give some cool visuals to look at when using your debug-mon running competitive sets and overpowered exclusive moves on underpowered pokemon. I'm using Reborn's v18.4.1 game.exe to make the edits on debugs animation editor and once i save em i compile the game using the game-z,exe which is pretty speedy in compiling but its animation editor doesn't properly display so i hop between the two. Any scrapped/unfinished/in-progress .anms using reborn's graphics resources are welcome.
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