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  1. Hi everyone, I recently started playing and I did some sprite replacements to allow me to play as Rosa from Pokemon Black and White 2 in Pokemon Reborn. I'd like to share it with you all if anyone else is interested in using it. I customized all of her sprites to fit with the sprite size scaling in Pokemon Reborn, removed her handbag to make the sprites more symmetrical, and modified her face slightly to be a smile. Images: By default this mod will replace the sprites for the 5th player character model you see at the character select screen at the beginning of the game. To install it, download the Graphics folder and merge it with the Graphics folder in your Pokemon Reborn installation folder, overwriting all files when/if prompted. If you wish to replace a different player character model you will need to rename all of the image files to the appropriate player character. If you wish to uninstall the mod and restore the appearance of the original Player Character 5, you can use the Backup folder I've included with the files in the link below You can download the mod here. Please let me know what you think!
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