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  1. Oh wow it actually worked when I loaded the old file! I guess the big Oh wow it worked when I loaded the old file! It’s kinda bitter sweet cuz my other file had progression with Zumi’s quest and more shiny Pokemon but I’ll take story progression over anything lol. I think the bug happens when you try to talk to the mom or gym guide BEFORE going to the sewers. Thank you so much for you help!
  2. Alright Im really starting to think my game is bugged. Here is a screen shot of the wall your described. (hopefully its the right one) I have also uploaded my save data as well. (Edit): Forgot to mention that I have changed the time of day several times in the game to catch certain pokemon. Could this be the reason for this possible bug? LastSave.dat
  3. Okay I just re explored the sewers. But sadly I've still come across nothing. I looked up that there is suppose to be a glowing crack in the eastern wall? It was not there when I just looked. The gym guide and Venam mom are still saying their basic scripts. Was there some event/quest that I missed that is possibly preventing me from progressing through this point?
  4. When I first went back to Gearen city I believe I tried talking to the Mom first. Yes I went to the sewers and tried exploring to see if I could trigger something to no avail.
  5. Hello, I'm at the part where Ren just locked the gate to Goldenleaf Town and lets slip that Venam's poison can melt it. The problem is that I can't trigger the event when I go back to gearen city. I try talking to Venam's mom and the gym helper but they both have their generic dialouge. There's no indication of Venam or triggering the event. Is there something that has to be done before hand or is this a bug/error?
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