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  1. EDIT: it got fixed in the patch nvm When the first fight in the nightmare Axis High area is about to be initiated (with the Puppet Master's goons), I get this error message: Exception: RuntimeError Message: Script error within event 9, map 33 (Route 01): Exception: SDLError Message: 053:*BitmapCache:322:in `initialize': Error loading image 'Graphics/Tilesets/NPU-Route01-02-Moki-Kevlar': Out of memory ***Full script: pbTrainerBattle(PBTrainers::FISHERMAN,"Marko",_I("Okay, so maybe not JUST Water Pokémon."),false,0,false,0) 044:Interpreter:243:in `pbExecuteScr
  2. Okay, I got in that way but now I'm confused as to how I get back to the stadium. Yeah I got in that way, thanks though
  3. I'm completely stuck, I can't get back into Grand Dream after Bladestar blew up the ball. I left to do some sidequests I missed, and now I can't get back. The train on Route 9 won't take me back to the stadium either. Here's my save: Game - 1064 - Ivy - 213h 12m - 13 badges.rxdata
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