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    Hi, locking this since it got so nasty. While discussion is fine, the kind of negativity and insults being exchanged is not. Please be polite when posting
  2. Originally I wanted to post separately for each category, but I don't want to spam. There's lots of people I want to nominate (many already have been) So I'm going to try to keep this to people who aren't nominated yet, who I think deserve acknowledgement still! Though I feel bad having to pick and choose. The Sugarpop Sunbeam Award For the member this year who's been sweeter than any candy store could hope to be! Kyle The Smelliest Auth Award For the auth member who, regardless of conduct, most desperately needs to take a shower! Posty (Who has already been nominated but, he really do need a shower) The Profile Picture Perfection Award For the member who's had the best avatars around this year! Nicki Emoji Excellence Award For the member who's wowed us all with creative use of emoji this year! Newt Smollest Bean For the member who is just so smol and pure. Crim Archbishop of Banterbury For the member with the best banter on the block! Bibs - urmom The Pointedest Poindexter Award For the biggest NERD this year! Cass - big brain over here Coolest Clown in Town Posty and Zumi Most In Need Of A Hug For the member who just really needs a hug right away! Cerise Supportive Cinnamon Roll For the member who is an actual cinnamon roll and always tried to support others! Ikaru Wonderfullest Wallflower For the member whose presence is quiet, but beloved. Yume and Candy Member Most Likely to Never Give You Up For the member who would never let you down, nor run around, nor desert you! Azzie - She knows why Award Award Award Award award award award award award award award award award award award award award award Caddy
  3. 1 ) Chansey or Alakazam 2 ) Skarmory 3 ) Gardevoir 4 ) Garchomp 5 ) Hydreigon 6 ) Goomy ig 7 ) Toxapex 8 ) Alcremie
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