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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. Amaral


      thank you ^^

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      You're welcome! 

  3. hey hey hey, my name is Amaral and we have updates, maps have been updated and script too, for you who have already downloaded the game, just download this update folder and do the same process as before with these files but if you not the downloaded game, you can enter this link that leads to my post for this translation and download from there, as the maps and script have already been updated there. link of the update: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UaoItkfApdLukq-MNZCuKn-tNxc9-i2L?usp=sharing old post link:
  4. I am Amaral and this is the last beta of V12 (more updates will still occur in the scripts and resolving some errors left behind, welp, I'm not so good as to do everything myself in just one month). But well i want to thank everyone who followed this adventure for 2 months (which for me was something like 1 week, yes i lose conception of time) and for those who will play, enjoy with this game known as rejuvenation, is an incredible experience and having you playing with my translation is something gratifying. links (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) Translation: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15aTgGcEKS_QQMoeR7VIu-3rublIcpdtc?usp=sharing Game: https://www.rebornevo.com/rejuvdown/
  5. Hey hey hey, my name is Amaral and this is QTMQ, your post of updates on the translation of rejuvenation, before anything, the oldest QTMQ lost their images due to Attachments that are already getting full so with each new QTMQ or something like that, the oldes ones lost their faces. Now pokedex is completely translated not only to pokemon but also to areas to from pokemon, and search filters. UWU UnKnOwN, until it looks like I don't have a walkthrough That's is the instagram??? has so much filter here I waste my time doing these things, but I still have fun I know that QTMQ should be every day, but as I said, it’s not every day that I’m working on the script and recently I’ve been focusing on history, since we’re close to finishing that 5º beta to end V12.
  6. Welp we don’t have news today because I’ve been translating the story, and I didn’t get to touch any scripts, sorry for the delay but today we’re here for a QT (which is basically a QTMQ only without updates already done) and nop we don’t have a banner for that for now. And yes this will be those posts with a lot of text and little image, where I say something and I end up going too deep into the subject. First of all, yes, beta 5 is going to be the last one released, after so long time I decided that until V13 this translation will only go to Tenajura Island, but don't worry that I will be launching patchs to correct errors presented in the translation (which it always happens, even if I revise it every time) plus some patches with more translated scripts, this will stay that way until the launch of the V13 which in my player perspective is not that far from its launch. "Ah, what else do you intend to do in this time that doesn't launch the V13?" I honestly do not want to stop translating this game even if I translate it all again, because it ended up becoming part of my routine and whenever I am busy I try to translate something even if it is a small thing just to have a satisfaction that that day I at least did something. But as things are not perfect I intend to focus on translating some other fan game because even if I wanted to it is not something I can stop doing so even if for hobby, just dedicating some time of the day I will translate different something, and this means that I will end up gaining experience to get back on V13 with everything. Another point I want to quote (but don't go into too much, because the other one got huge) is that the "fight" "bag" "run" "item" bars I also intend to translate and yes I know that this has nothing to do with a script or that it’s not really necessary but I still feel the need to do a good job because I’m one of the few people here in Brazil (in my perspective) who end up doing a translation, and if I can do something minimally good and that inspires people entering that niche I would be very, very happy. And welp I stretched again ┐(´ー`)┌, some things never change. Thank you so much for listening to me here bye
  7. Hi hi I'm Amaral, and this QTMQ almost didn't come out today, welp. Well today it was a complicated day because I had some external things to solve so these are going to be some old prints that I had saved. Now the options for your team's are translated. (And yes this blaziken was taken in debug mode and you will understand why I needed this blaziken.) Extra Mega evolutions evolved in this translation into Portuguese. My biggest problem in posting the mega is because the section in the script where he is located is not fully translated, so it ends up being a bit meh. That's it for today, i know it is very little but today it was a very complicated day to work on this project, so until the next, i guess (... i'm terrible to finish sentences)
  8. thank you, seeing that there are people who are enjoying this initiative of mine is something really rewarding.
  9. thanks bro, it's really a lot of work to do these translations mainly on my own, but i really love what i'm doing, so reading these comments giving support ends up being something that makes me very happy.
  10. hi hi hi, my name is Amaral and this is QTMQ, your post about updates about translation of this beloved game. Before starting I would like to thank liroy for the information (which i had no idea about) and answer a question about the translation of rejuvenation V13. well i intend to translate V12 to Terajuma Island and after that wait for V13 to continue translating the story. With all this explained we will continue with the QTMQ. My "option" was to translate this ("shift" and "set" will be in English because they work better, I don't know how to explain it but it's something like not translating moves and items) I plan to change "Número máximo de backup" to "Número máx de backup" so that it doesn't get so squeezed. I can't think of anything so that's it poke mart. Extra Now i can save these thingh, phew. The end.
  11. hi, well i know that there is all this and i have also thought about it several times but i intend to continue to Terajuma Island (i still don't know if i will continue and finish it or stop when we get there) just for people to have a taste of as it will be from now on because I intend to continue the story in V13.
  12. Hey, hey my name is Amaral and this is a QTMQ (Questions, Translations and More Questions) in these posts I will talk about updates of the translation and yes it will have images, mainly to show how it is getting in Portuguese (and before I talked to Ame, and images in Portuguese related to translation are allowed) ok everything explained so let's go. Well, as QTMQ will be posted every day (I hope so) it will not be a jumble of things just simple things. As they all say, the best way is to start at the beginning. so that's it "Load screen". goals are important, so it's better to know what to be doing hoho am i... of course in a different sav this is how X is getting ... I say menu (where are the pokemon? hihi find out)
  13. hey man thanks i'm very happy for the support. And about the jokes, I was thinking about them for some time and what I intend to do about them to try to make the best decision
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