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  1. Hello sorry for the late reply do you really have poipole ? Can I really have it ?
  2. Again thank you so much this community truly is amazing
  3. It's alright and it's totally awesome that you guys help each other oh and when will you be next online so we can trade
  4. Savage Whip (signature move of poocheyana line) Type : Dark Power : 55 ( + 0.5 with status effect) PP : 15/15 (Max 20/20) Category : physical (direct contact) Accuracy : 100 Description : the user angrily whips his tail 1 to 5 times on the target which might lower the target's attack (guaranteed 2 hits) Learnt by levelling up : Poocheyana and Mightyena (Lvl 35) Learnt by TM : every other Pokemon with a tail
  5. Oh hell yeah this community is awesome I would like the growlithe only. Togepi would be too much to ask for. Anyways I am online rn what's your username
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