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  1. I looked for a file called saved games but i couldnt find anything, and there's nothing that I can see in the rejuvenation file itself. If there's not a new patch for it, would redownloading everything be the best option at this point?
  2. I looked at the 'load save files' part of the loading screen and this was the only one I saw, unless there's another way to look at it.
  3. It's been about 3 or 4 months since i last posted to the forum, with a problem about the GDC tournament - after beating the rock type gym leader in the final, my game randomly dropped, saying 'script is hanging'. Upon reopening the game, it had fused the beginning of the fight with the 'Bladestar transmission' that happens right after it and not allowing any progression from that point forward - it would either continue to say 'script is hanging' or it would get stuck on the ring selection after the fact. I've posted the same things in both the 'fatal bug reports' and 'save file troubleshooting' for V12 and, to this day, have yet to get any answer on what could have happened or how I could have fixed it. I really enjoyed playing through the game, up to this point, so I'm worried that I may have to just give up on it entirely because of whatever this is. If anyone has any idea how I can fix it, or how I can find other people to help me fix it, then it would be greatly appreciated, otherwise I feel like it might be the end of Rejuvenation for me.
  4. After beating Adam in the GDC tournament, and after the first part of the cutscene played (up to where the bladestar logo appeared on the board thing) my game then crashed and said 'script is hanging' (still not entirely sure what that means) now my save file is stuck playing back the cutscene and getting stuck or just crashing as a whole. Please help ;-; Game.rxdata
  5. I had just finished beating Adam in the GDC tournament, and was about to begin the next bladestar segment, when my game began to stop responding and not loading up any of the images. Eventually, the entire screen would go black and a pop up saying 'script is hanging' would appear and close my client. I'm currently saved on the section that keeps crashing, so I'm unsure of what to do. Anybody know how to fix?
  6. So I lost to the rift garbodor once, and then the position of characters messed up a lot. The cutscenes replayed again after I went back to the area, but characters were staying in the area when they werent supposed to be there (Erick would be there when he wasn't even brought here yet and Melia was still reading the diary). This also meant that the positions of te characters moved forward when I came back, and acting as if they hadn't already changed positions. This change in positions meant that my character would keep on walking forward to places it wasn't supposed to move to, and after the battle I would be stuck in a wall and not be able to move or press anything at all except F12 to soft reset (which didnt help as it autosaved to a point where the bug was still occuring). Is there a way to delete a save file so I can go back to a point where the positions weren't messed up and I wasn't in a loop of being stuck in a wall?
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