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  1. I GOT REBORN TO RUN ON CATALINA!! : D It can be a tad laggy and I haven't figured out how to get mods working, but it runs and I haven't had any issues so far! I used a program called CrossOver. Yes it costs $ but there is a free trial or you can get older versions that work fine with a little digging. *I'm not responsible for any links that you use nor am I posting them, but if you go an alternative route please be safe about it. https://www.codeweavers.com/products CrossOver Official Site. Oh and you may have to disable Gatekeeper before running CrossOver. Its easy to turn off before playing/on when done. To disable Gatekeeper: Open Terminal and type sudo spctl --master-disable To re-enable, do the same but replace disable with enable. The other option is mirroring Windows but that's infinitely more complicated. Hopefully this finds someone and can help as I know lots of people were asking!
  2. Hey, so I'm trying to install using the wineskin method for the first time. Im on the lastest mac update (2019 pro). I have everything installed but the "create new blank wrapper" is greyed out and I can't do the next step. How do I fix this?
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