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  1. ok, here me out, I don't think this Pokemon gets enough attention, Charizard Crest.
  2. Blazerbust


    do you all have a patreon? I would be fine with donating to the cause that is reborn. also nice hamster.
  3. i can provide you with kabuto. i have like 2, but they are nothing special if you are still interested.
  4. sorry i was away for some time. my user is blazerbust and i am going to be in the waiting.
  5. I have access to every starter for the egg event thing EXCEPT Litten. My game was one of the unfortunate victims of the bug in which Archer won't give me the Litten after I finish his crap. I would appreciate a Litten to fill in my dex as well as the egg event. I couldn't care less about IV's or EV's or held items at this point. I have an abundance of shinies and starters and whatnot I would be willing to trade. Also, Hi, I'm Kale. I'm new to the forum kind of. Done with EP 18 if anyone wants to contact me for certain trades!
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