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  1. Just a normal person playing through rejuv for the first time, so far pretty fun

  2. While standing on this tile, if you check the tiles around you, all four adjacent tiles bring up a dialogue box saying "Central Station.", the dialogue box does not appear if you stand on a different tile and check the tiles that bring up the box.
  3. Two of the Bladestar grunts in Darchlight Cave vanish when standing on any tile in the column my character is in and every column to the right, except for the top ones of their respective columns. Some of the tiles below the top one make the top grunt vanish.
  4. Text colored red after you go to the Marble Mansion in the past.
  5. On Route 4, while the Nim event is active, when standing on tile in a down right diagonal position from her character, she will rapidly look up and left the same goes with the upper part too, when Nim is positioned like this and you're standing in a up right diagonal tile from her, the same thing will happen, except she looks down and left I assume she is normally supposed to walk up and down seeing as whenever I got from up to down she walks to the other side but I don't think the rapid looking is supposed to happen.
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