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  1. male 14 5'9" 126lbs. caucasian blue dirty blond swipped to the side shoulder height trimmed 10 vans-skate shoes green pants jeans faded blue longer stripped hoody zipped up hoody blue-light blue broad gloves bmx gloves white-black-red necklace shark tooth beaded neckalce brown-white beanie hat thin stripped beanie hat white-blue none Smirk
  2. (21:22:34) AshIsGod: do i still have to be tested for evo? (21:22:58) [Poke1000]E4 Lotto left the channel. (21:23:04) Mauricio_Bertazzo joined the channel. (21:23:09) [Reborn]Hardy: Evo? (21:23:15) Blezerker: Does anyone have the link? >_> (21:23:19) Blezerker: I can't find it on the site (21:23:26) AshIsGod: ya hardy evolution league (21:23:29) +AmethystStorm: [url="http://www.pokemonreborn.com/reborn.exe"]http://www.pokemonreborn.com/reborn.exe[/url] (21:23:32) AshIsGod: i wanna be a leader likeu (21:23:37) Mauricio_Bertazzo left the channel. (21:23:41) [Reborn]Hardy: Yea? What type? (21:23:46) AshIsGod: steel (21:23:50) AshIsGod: dorogon is rock... (21:23:51) [Reborn]Hardy: ... (21:23:51) Blezerker: Thank you, ame (21:23:56) Dorogon: Amethyst I think i may make a new team and start all over in the reborn league. (21:24:09) +AmethystStorm: Earlier is better. Lemme know if/when you re-register. (21:24:12) AshIsGod: im sry hardy (21:24:17) Blezerker: ...... (21:24:20) Blezerker: its an exe? (21:24:22) AshIsGod: and can i sask u somethin (21:24:31) AshIsGod: y rock types? (21:24:33) +AmethystStorm: Blez, are you on Mac? >.< (21:24:39) Blezerker: Fuck no. (21:24:41) Blezerker: Macs suck penis. (21:24:43) Dorogon: o.o (21:24:52) +AmethystStorm: But yeah, it's an EXE. That bad? (21:24:52) Dorogon changed teams. (21:24:55) [Reborn]Hardy: Ash, you remember way back when? (21:24:57) Battle between [P1000] E4 LuKiNhaZ and [PoKe1000] Dexx started. (21:24:59) [Reborn]Hardy: Back, back. (21:25:03) Blezerker: OH WAIT (21:25:04) AshIsGod: like? (21:25:05) Blezerker: its a setup? (21:25:07) Blezerker: thats awesome (21:25:07) +AmethystStorm: Yeah. (21:25:08) Dorogon: o.o (21:25:12) AshIsGod: when we first went at it? (21:25:20) [Reborn]Hardy: BEFORE Steel even existed. (21:25:24) AshIsGod: o ya (21:25:28) [Reborn]Hardy: Yea. (21:25:31) [Reborn]Hardy: Rock, back then. (21:25:32) [Reborn]Hardy: Rock (21:25:33) [Reborn]Hardy: was (21:25:34) AshIsGod: ya (21:25:35) [Reborn]Hardy: The bomb. (21:25:38) AshIsGod: it was (21:25:39) Dorogon: yes it was (21:25:46) [Reborn]Hardy: See, I'm a fan of old school. (21:25:52) AshIsGod: this is correctumundo (21:25:53) [Reborn]Hardy: My sister and (21:25:56) Bullet: ..... (21:26:01) AshIsGod: hmmm (21:26:02) [Reborn]Hardy: We used to be top rock trainers. (21:26:08) AshIsGod: and what? (21:26:11) Bullet: And then? (21:26:23) [Reborn]Hardy: And yeah, I beat her. sometimes. She wasnt bad. (21:26:24) AshIsGod: hey thats how u got to where u r now (21:26:29) AshIsGod: ya (21:26:33) [Reborn]Hardy: And then? (21:26:40) [Reborn]Hardy: Then the second generation comes. (21:26:47) [Reborn]Hardy: She jumps on this whole Steel thing. (21:26:50) AshIsGod: ya im sry (21:26:56) Blezerker left the channel. (21:26:57) Blezerker joined the channel. (21:26:57) [Reborn]Hardy: Totally abandons everything. (21:26:57) Bullet: mmmm (21:27:00) AshIsGod: hey (21:27:03) Bullet: Who could blame her? (21:27:05) AshIsGod: if it helps (21:27:06) [Reborn]Hardy: Me. (21:27:10) Bullet: Lol (21:27:12) AshIsGod: my fav poke is aggron steel/rock (21:27:14) [Reborn]Hardy: I kept some loyalty to my type, yanno? (21:27:15) Blezerker: Thanks ame ^^ (21:27:21) +AmethystStorm: Course. (21:27:22) AshIsGod: ya i get u (21:27:32) Blezerker: When do I get my battle with shade? (21:27:34) [Reborn]Hardy: She just left. for somethingbetter. (21:27:39) [Reborn]Hardy: "better" (21:27:46) AshIsGod: no not something better (21:27:51) [Reborn]Hardy: And what does Rock have over Steel anyway? Steel has twice the resistances. (21:27:53) AshIsGod: something that wasx new (21:27:53) Bullet: Mmmm, yes something better (21:27:57) AshIsGod: and she tested it out (21:27:57) Dorogon: rock pokemon have a horribel disadvatage now a days whit steel and ground bascly killing off all rock type pokemon whit ease. (21:27:59) [Reborn]Hardy: I get it. (21:28:02) AshIsGod: rock is still classic (21:28:03) [PoKe1000] Dexx won against [P1000] E4 LuKiNhaZ. (21:28:05) [Reborn]Hardy: And yeah, Rock types cant touch Steel. (21:28:12) [Reborn]Hardy: Steel super effective gainst Rock (21:28:16) [Reborn]Hardy: The hell was I to do? (21:28:17) [Reborn]Hardy: So... (21:28:17) AshIsGod: and if someone like u sticks with a classic u r amazing (21:28:20) [Reborn]Hardy: ...Whatever. (21:28:21) Bullet: Classic? (21:28:23) [Reborn]Hardy: ...Thanks. (21:28:26) LucasMiranda joined the channel. (21:28:29) Bullet: What's that have to do with anything? (21:28:29) AshIsGod: np (21:28:37) [Reborn]Hardy: Old school, mate. (21:28:41) Battle between [P1000] E4 LuKiNhaZ and [Elit4Poke1000]Diego started. (21:28:41) AshIsGod: all the way (21:28:41) LucasMiranda left the channel. (21:28:46) Blezerker: Brool cory sto? (21:28:47) Bullet: mmm, have it your way (21:28:50) Tobiasack changed teams. (21:28:51) [Reborn]Hardy: Rock was the old unbreakable. (21:28:58) Bullet: Exactly (21:29:00) Bullet: Things change (21:29:01) AshIsGod: yep but then new stuff came (21:29:11) AshIsGod: and everything got all out of control (21:29:15) [Elit4Poke1000]Diego forfeited against [P1000] E4 LuKiNhaZ. (21:29:26) LucasMiranda joined the channel. (21:29:30) Blezerker: Jirachi + Magnet Rise(if it could learn it) = no super effectives? (21:29:32) Battle between LucasMiranda and Tobiasack started. (21:29:37) Dorogon: yep (21:29:38) Bullet: Fire (21:29:39) AshIsGod: lol (21:29:42) Blezerker: oh yeahl (21:29:42) Blezerker: ol (21:29:49) AshIsGod: well hardy (21:29:50) [Poke1000]E4Diego changed teams. (21:29:53) Dorogon: spirtomb whit wonder gaurd uhh (21:29:54) Bullet: Electric pokemon with levitate = close (21:29:59) Bullet: And Doro (21:30:02) Dorogon: i know (21:30:07) Bullet: Scrappy fighting moves xD (21:30:08) [P1000] E4 LuKiNhaZ changed teams. (21:30:12) Blezerker: Electivire+magnet rise= loldead (21:30:13) Dorogon: wondertomb is old (21:30:27) Bullet: Fire fang kills wondertomb lol (21:30:30) AshIsGod: stick with ur classic team and type and dont worry about steel u can find a way to do anything (21:30:32) Dorogon: I know (21:30:36) [Reborn]Hardy: ...Word. Thanks. (21:30:41) AshIsGod: ya np (21:30:43) [Reborn]Hardy left the channel. (21:30:45) Battle between [P1000] E4 LuKiNhaZ and [Poke1000]E4Diego started. (21:30:46) Blezerker: Spirtomb smells like poo. (21:30:48) +AmethystStorm: Shade is incoming, then. (21:30:49) Bullet: lol (21:30:54) Bullet: You smelled it? O_O (21:30:55) LucasMiranda won against Tobiasack. (21:30:57) Blezerker: Yep. (21:30:58) [Poke1000] Johann is active and ready for battles. (21:30:59) Dorogon: O_O anyway i am going to go work on my new team (21:31:01) Blezerker: Thats how hardcore I am. (21:31:02) Bullet: lawl (21:31:02) Blezerker: OH SHIT (21:31:04) Blezerker: UMM (21:31:05) Blezerker: fck (21:31:07) Bullet: Ok Doro (21:31:08) Blezerker: whats shades lead?! (21:31:10) LucasMiranda: HAHA (21:31:12) Bullet: Don't be like Hardy lol (21:31:16) Battle between [Poke1000] Lukk and [Poke1000] Johann started. (21:31:18) Bullet: Froslass (21:31:22) Blezerker: Oh yeah. (21:31:23) Bullet: usually (21:31:31) Blezerker: Stupid destiny bonding noob just something i was talking with hardy about idk just felt like putting somethin up =P
  3. (22:38:36) Mashew18: Cause it is very important to me and the ones who love me. whens oyur birthday Corey? (22:38:43) AshIsGod: mashew i wasnt asking when i mean like how is it going like good bad (22:38:45) [Reborn]Corey: Irrelevant. (22:38:49) Mashew18: Good (22:38:57) Horizon: It's December 3rd. (22:38:59) Mashew18: And oh ok. well Happy unbirthday to you then corey~ (22:39:01) AshIsGod: well atleast its not back breaking (22:39:03) [Reborn]Corey: It is a day on which you were cursed into this world. You caused pain to your mother as you entered. (22:39:07) Mashew18: Lol is that yours horizon? (22:39:11) [Reborn]Corey: Is that to be celebrated? (22:39:11) Horizon: No. (22:39:14) [Evo]Phantom: Corey Stop being cold and have some cake. (22:39:22) Mashew18: Yes it is Corey cause she got drugged and didnt feel a thing so BAM (22:39:23) [Reborn]Corey: No. He will answer me. (22:39:31) Mashew18: FAce >> (22:39:34) [Reborn]Corey: And what if the drugs had taken her life? (22:39:41) [Reborn]Corey: Is it a risk you would be willing to take now? (22:39:46) Lan: what? (22:39:49) Mashew18: But they didnt dont dwell on what ifs and be happy for what is there (22:39:54) Doctor Octagonapus: Ummmmmmmmmmmkay (22:39:59) [Reborn]Corey: Or what is not anymore. (22:40:03) Mashew18: Sure >> (22:40:09) Mashew18: are you talking about that person? (22:40:14) [Reborn]Corey: That person? (22:40:20) Mashew18: you know who I aint saying who.. (22:40:21) Doctor Octagonapus: Ame, stop this madness (22:40:34) Mashew18: Im having fun talking to you~ Lol but you know.... ummmm (22:40:46) [Evo]Phantom: Corey.....umm bye (22:40:57) Mashew18: *coughs* Heather *coughs* (22:41:01) [Reborn]Corey: No. (22:41:09) [Reborn]Corey: She is the curse. (22:41:13) Lan: . (22:41:20) Lan: best insult ever (22:41:22) Mashew18: O_o thats very rude Corey >.> you know you still lov her (22:41:23) AshIsGod: lol (22:41:25) Mashew18: *love (22:41:31) [Reborn]Corey: No. (22:41:35) AshIsGod: ... (22:41:36) Mashew18: Corey can I ask you something. (22:41:38) [Reborn]Corey: That word has been torn apart. (22:41:50) [Reborn]Corey: It is a delussion if you believe otherwise. (22:42:03) Dorogon: o.o (22:42:05) Mashew18: you brought up the mother pain and death so.... Did something happen to your wife when Heather was born? (22:42:37) Lan: lol wife (22:42:43) Horizon: Well, it probably hurt like a fucking bitch. (22:42:44) Mashew18: *crickets* (22:42:55) Lan: true dat horizon (22:42:55) Horizon: I think that should count all by itself. (22:43:00) Mashew18: I meant other than that Horizon something that shouldnt have happened (22:43:04) [Reborn]Corey: It was just my luck. (22:43:08) Lan: that shit has to hurt (22:43:08) [Reborn]Corey: Faulty machinery. (22:43:16) [Reborn]Corey: An overdose.
  4. Mashew happy birthday i hope u have agood one. =)
  5. y cuz i've been here and nobody obviously cares.
  6. [quote name='Doctor Octagonapus' post='3804' date='Aug 26 2010, 11:33 AM']Clearly not [/quote] ...
  7. im here now. did i time it right?
  8. i would like to see how wel u do.
  9. 1.) Orange 2.)Arcanine (male) , Shedinja , Gengar (male) , Garchomp (female) , Swampert (male) , Aggron (shiny) (female) 3.)# 52 sprite on PO 4.)beside me 5.)hoenn badges THX
  10. ... and when do i get to play?
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