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  1. Looking for leveling ally for getting teams ready for the upcoming three gyms - Dark, Fighting, and Fire. Have team members all chosen, but they're severely underleveled, and I am busier than I would like to be for this. (Also trying to make my teams have a workaround for the battles [got as far as the fire gym last time i had played] and reset my game to go back on the journey, since it had been a long time since then.)
  2. that would indeed be excellent. might you also have a spare EXP Share to go with that?
  3. Will give a breeded shiny Fennekin. Has to be male, non-shiny, and have the Inner Focus ability.
  4. I'm a punny guy, I couldn't help that one
  5. he's a bit Oddish, but treat him well!
  6. how do i select? Edit: nvm
  7. username is Grendar34 Edit: awaiting a Trade Request
  8. which one do you want? I got a Pancham and a Trubish as shinnies, and the LV50 Spheal, too
  9. Looking for a (female) Fennekin for my team. I don't have much, but I do have a few shinnies and a random LV50 Spheal from Wonder Trade.
  10. Online Play name: Grendar34 Trainer name: Dylan
  11. ... does anyone else see the title card? Call me crazy, but we might be hitting endgame areas soon.
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