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  1. Also happened to me. Got through Will and Koga with my Cyndaquil team, took a break, came back to Bruno with my squad of 85's and kept them for the rest of the E4. Kind of erased the challenge. However, I had replaced a member of my team with Rotom, then got my guy (A-Raichu) back prior to this fight. After beating Lance, A-Raichu was replaced with Rotom entirely. I have two of them now.
  2. Thank you very much. And damn, you guys don't screw around with your customer service. I'm seriously impressed.
  3. Done. Fortunately I have a fair bit of experience dealing with the save file. I switch back and forth between this one and my main a lot. Game.rxdata
  4. I think this is the topic for this, sorry if I'm wrong. I just made it to Ametrine City (The mountaintop one if I have the name wrong), and have just dealt with the house with the diary. Shelly ran off to confront Blake, and I am now supposed to meet the two of them in his apartment. When I enter, there's nobody there. By looking at video walkthroughs, it seems that he's supposed to be at his gaming console and Shelly should be back one square and a few to the right, but there's just flat-out nobody in the apartment. I'm unsure what all I need to give you guys in terms of information and whatnot, this is the first time the game's ever given me issues. Thank you for any help possible.
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