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  1. eacg

    Can't find Misdreavus

    Actually the gravestone is not there any more. Kiki's gravestone is now at the Beryl graveyard. I dont know if this is causing a bug or something.
  2. So im trying to fill my pokedex and misdreavus seems to just be bugged or something. I'm in the wasteland and already got to the cave where the event is supossed to happen but nothing. I read the thombstone and its just an empty name. Any ideas of what is going on?
  3. Hey guys, I used to play rejuvenation some time ago. I finished V9 and I want to continue de story but I don't know what I'm supossed to do now. If some one can tell me where is V10 supossed to start and probably help me remind details of where the plot is going it would be great.
  4. I'm starting and got stuck in Sheridan Village. I've talked to everyone and I think I'm supossed to talk with the Sensei but he doesn't interact with me.
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