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  1. I redownloaded the Linux version and have the appImage file, but it does not have a ball symbol and nothing happens when I run it. Does it matter from which of the four sources (Mega, Drive, Local A/B) I downloaded it? Is there a way I can try to run it via the terminal? Update: I've tried sudo chmod u+x and a+x and it hasn't helped. In properties I made sure to allow to execute the file as program.
  2. I'm using the Windows version and I'm running it with Wine. In the Linux version there was no .exe file so I didn't know how to start it.
  3. Update: when I run Game.exe with wine everything works but any text doesn't appear. Solutions for this other problem are also very welcome. Picture of error messages below.
  4. Hi! I downloaded wine 5.0.2 on Ubuntu 18.04 and run Game-z.exe of the Windows download with it. It starts up the game but once I select New Game I get the error in the picture. Does anyone know how to fix this? I will try to provide all extra necessary information! Thanks a lot in advance.
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