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  1. Well, the title says everything. Recently, I've been fighting that guy on the grand hall with a team full of Squirtles, and it's fun, but gets a bit tiring by the 20th time you fight hiam, so i was wondering if are there another trainers like him whom you can battle endlessly.
  2. Ow, poor Corey. He still wanted to give a fair fight in his gym, and I can respect that. I wish it could have ended in a different way
  3. Wait, does that mean that then he doesn't do "that" at the bridge?
  4. So, some time ago, I played the part relative to Corey, and managed to rescue the four policemen and the growlithe before fighting the PULSE Tangela and all that, but in the end, So, I think the question is obvious, right? What happens if you don't save any of the police officers? Is his identity still revealed to his daughter?
  5. Patches of clean water? Does that even exist? I know the fisherman's pool in Peridot, but I was never able to fish anything there
  6. Hey, I just realized something that could help every one who has this problem: You can get a Nidoking before that point. First, you get the Nidoran of the casino (only 3000 points), then you raise it one level (to level 21) and he will evolve. Then you give him the moon stone you should have (I don't remember exactly where I got it, I think it was in the obsidia slums) and now you have a poison/ground type to rekt Corey.
  7. So, sadly, I am stuck in Corey's fight. Using the advantage of fire is risky for my team, since my only fire type Pokemons are fight type as well. Even if I use defog at the beginning to get rid of the field effect, they just keep tearing through my team, which makes me wonder... Are there any ground type or steel type pokemon before that point in game? I've been struggling sice the beginning due to a lack of these types, which made some combats really hard.
  8. Wow, did'n know there was a video. Thanks for your help.
  9. I satarted this thread because I always like to have a Gardevoir or a Gallade in mi endgame teams. In the obtainable pokemon list, is stated that Ralts can be obtained through an In-game event, and I would like to know which event it is, if is male or female, and if catching a pokemon in any other event prevents Ralts from appearing. Please warn of any posible spoilers, since I still have a lot of game to play.
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