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  1. I'll just wont use the cheesetechnique anymore Thanks alot...Already learned sth. new /close
  2. It is O_O always thought its a Multiuseobject....well Lost it vs Arceus...explains alot then...
  3. Hello, I just fought vs Luna, using my Gourgeist w/ Focus Sash. Tried to destinybond her Umbreon, but she just OHK'd me. When I wondered why , I took a closer look at Gourgeist and saw, that the FOcus Sash it held was just gone. Help me please
  4. Stuck after defeating 6th gymleader. Thanks in advance
  5. AS topic describes...no idea what to do, I won, she gave me the badge and TM the screen shaked, freeze /edit: Since it is a common bug, what can I do to change it?
  6. Sweet Baby Jesus, the included EV list is like the best thing you could've done Thanks alot for that! (Is there an option to reset the EV?) So far the Biggersby, Camerupt and Meowstic are trained, and Aya wasn't a problem with two psy-types. Just got confused in the Wastelandcaves...Lv. 65 Mr. Biggles, a rock you can push away, yet its of no use...Well this game is frikkin awesome! Secrets everywhere... I really like the Quagsire-Build, i guess it's about time to roll some breeding.
  7. Alright Thanks alot then, will start grinding...
  8. wow, thanks for the really fast answers! Since both of you suggested Meowtastic, i'd take it, yet I only got males....Might not be too bad though right? Is it worth to kick out the Gothitelle for it? Noibat is really really bad..I just trained it for the Noivern...at least just a few LV's to go... I also considered to swap out Pangoro since it didn't do much ever since it evolved (besides getting OHKO'd). Diggersby is freshly evolved, would need some grinding, but Huge Power is just awesome...Might consider him later on, Camerupt shall be it for now then Not sure about Roserade...would take quite a grinding +having luck to obtain a stone for it...any other options? I'll need another grass-type, since Shiftry is equaly fu...grounded as Pangoro.
  9. Hello there =) I recently started playing Reborn, and I really enjoy it. So far it was quite challenging but lately I get my as..butt kicked quite harshly. It started with Kiki and that monster of a Machamp and now Aya starts cleaning her ladies room with me. I played Pokemon competitively with the release of Black/White, after X/Y I took a break from it. Yet it seems like I am not even able to build a team to defeat Aya. I'll attach my pool and team for you. CAn you guys help me build a solid team overall (without spoilers for the next leaders etc if possible ) Thanks in advance. (Tried to sort them by level, Pokemon in the favorite box are some of the Pokemon I like from the looks)
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