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  1. Shidew(Sableye) "Tell me -all- of the details and how you think it would effect my kingdom."
  2. Shidew(Sableye) "Well, I think we need to talk about it more. I want all of the details. Come." He motions with his hand. "We are going to go to the throne room to speak more." Valerie(Togetic) Valerie starts her quest back to the Magic Kingdom's capital to report her news to the rulers.
  3. Shidew He clears his throat. "I ordered the guards to arrest the Gyarados because she threw the gem at me, not because she was talking to the citizens. I actually think it's good that the citizens hear many ideas, and I will listen to them. I never ordered a guard to attack a citizen, and I highly disagree with that action. Now, I know everyone does not want this Gyarados to be put in prison, but she did break a law. Again, I do not care that she is using her freedom of speech. It was requested that I have a peace treaty, and I replied that I did want to talk to the kings, not a representative. I'm open for negotiation, as I have been... As for the guard, I -will- get to the bottom of this... Anyone who knows anything should speak up."
  4. Shidew(Sableye) Shidew moves to the stand as requested by Uxie. Valerie(Togetic) Meanwhile, Valerie is in Toxxia Badlands making peace with the Pokemon and trying to peacefully get the land. (Need host to say the outcome)
  5. Sorry I've not been so active in this... Finals are coming up so I need to study and whatnot~ Not that I need to worry though :Kappa: I'm an A student XD. Anyways, I believe that Rain's last action needs to be okayed by a host. Not that I'm against the action, just that I'm pretty sure an action that big needs to be okayed.
  6. Shidew(Sableye) He follows Crystal into the court room. Valerie(Togetic) She starts on healing the group of dragons. Aquero(Kyogre) "A war... And mere mortals caused me to wake? Pff.. I'm not interested in fighting with you, but if I'm here, Groudon is bound to wake soon..."
  7. (6th, and last Pokemon) Name: Unknown(Call it Ditto for now) Age: Unknown Gender: Genderless Rank: Wanderer Kingdom: None Pokemon: Ditto Bio: Ditto was not created in a lab, it just appeared one day... It was just as confused as anyone would be. Ditto is on an identity crisis, so most of the time, it finds itself transformed as other Pokemon. It has mastered physical looks, but to copy personality, it needs to stalk the copied Pokemon and see. No one knows what side this Pokemon is on, or if it's even from Earth in the first place.
  8. Valerie(Togetic) "Okay! I love helping! Now, have everyone line up so I can use Heal Bell and Morning Sun(Or Wish)!" She smiles at the dragons and waits to help.
  9. It doesn't make sense that this would cause full on rioting and whatnot. This is one of the first times something like this has happened, and the kingdom isn't in bad shape. Again, it was not unjust to arrest the Gyarados for malicious attempts on the king.
  10. Valerie(Togetic) "Sure! Just tell me what you need!" She eagerly waits to help, as she enjoys helping.
  11. Just saying, I have a problem with what happened. It seems irrational to me and the king actions were correct as the Gyarados attacked the king. I think Yash is power playing with the citizens. The king hasn't even been that bad, and if you're to control all the citizens, it would have been nice for a PM in advance to discuss the situation with the citizens.
  12. You people do realize that the Gyrados threw the gem at the king, right?
  13. Shidew(Sableye) "Arrest the Gyarados. They say they are pacifists, but a pacifist wouldn't throw something at the king." He is very angry at the disrespect shown.
  14. Shidew(Sableye) "GUARDS! Arrest that Gyarados!" he says furiously. Aquero(Kyogre) "Azauqyar... I don't want to fight now. Tell me what is happening... What has awoken me.."
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